Apple plays around with whimsical Twitter threads to suggest movies to watch

What you need to know

  • Apple is testing out the choose your path threads on Twitter to suggest movies.
  • The Apple TV Twitter account is using it to help its followers select the perfect selection for a movie night.
  • You can try out the quiz thread yourself.

Apple is getting in on the Twitter fun of choosing your own path threads. These new Twitter threads that are going viral let users make their choice for something as trivial (and funny) as getting fired as Beyonce's or deciding between which movie to watch, which is the idea Apple's social media team is running with.

The Apple TV Twitter account presented followers with the scenario of hosting a movie night or looking to fall in love and presented them some options to select the perfect movie. The two options continued to splinter off until they suggested the right movie. We won't spoil the movies each selection provides—you can easily complete the thread yourself—but we will say that they are capped off with some funny GIFs.

It's neither as complicated or hilarious as the Beyonce assistant thread that blew up last week, but it is a good way to engage followers with some suggestions about what they can watch. It also highlights how social media is evolving for big companies like Apple as they engage their followers with more interesting content.

If you haven't take Apple TV's choice adventure, try it out. You may just get a suggestion you end up loving.

Danny Zepeda