Apple Posts iPhone 3G S Guided Tour

After today's WWDC keynote announcement of the iPhone 3G S, Apple immediately placed one of their now-famous "Guided Tour" videos online.

Check it out to see highlights of Apple's third generation smartphone, and the exclusive features it will be offering...

Rene Ritchie

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  • so . . . 3G users would have to upgrade to get voice control and video recording?! thats so stupid . . . all i wanted was to be able to record video and im not gonna throw down another $200 or $300 just to get that feature.
    This just seems like a very Microsoft move.
  • Nick you took the words right out of my mouth. Get a completely new phone upwards of 200 more with an early upgrade. or even wait until I can and buy a new phone for 200 with just 3 features more with a faster processor. Which ATT will not really be able to handle. I'll pass.
  • this is gay that we don't have mms or video recording. fuck you apple am fuck you AT&T. I do love my iPhone though. :)
  • Time to realize, people! Apple is not trying to offer the best phone it can every year. It is simply trying to get you sheep to buy the “coolest new phone”! Iphone 1 could have easily had all the features that iPhone 3Gs has! At&t is not going to lower their prices, they are making too much money of you sheep! Palm Pre still out deuls iPhone 3GS, no argument! Why not give iPhone 3GS multitasking ability, if it has twice the speed and RAM of 3G? Why offer a new OS that gives more than just search? No, they just take the old and add a few tweaks and call it ‘iPhone OS 3.0′! You fanboys will never learn. Sprint’s Palm Pre is the clear winner!
  • If you can settle for simple, maximum 15 frames per second video, without buying a new iPhone, jailbreak your 2G or 3G iPhone (you don't need to unlock it), and use Cycorder. Its framerate varies with lighting conditions, and is limited by how fast the 2G/3G camera can snap pictures, so to get 30 fps, you WOULD have to buy the new iPhone 3GS.
  • Where are you all seeing that you don't get MMS with the free software update for existing 3g users? When I click on that link and look under what's new in the 3.0 software update, MMS is listed on the top row. Maybe they just added this since you've seen it? Hmmm...
    As for the video, my 3G is jailbroken, and I use Qik and Cycorder. They work perfectly. So, I'm not that bummed about no video update. Although, bummed that the 3G's will only be $99 and the new 3G S is the same price for twice as fast - but I guess that goes with anything. We don't expect to be given a free laptop upgrade every time the maker adds new technology and releases a shiny new laptop - same for this. :-)
  • I would definitely say screen and keyboard are the most important buying decision for me as the specs are fairly standard across brands anyway.