What you need to know

  • Apple's iOS 13.2 beta reportedly caused bricking in some iPad Pro Models.
  • 2018 iPad Pro users who installed the software found the update failed to installed and the device required a full restore.
  • Update has been pulled whilst a fix is found.

Apple has reportedly pulled the iOS 13.2 Beta update for iPad Pro, following reports that the software update was bricking the 2018 iPad Pro.

The report via MacRumors claims that owners of the 2018 iPad Pro found that the iOS 13.2 beta update failed to install properly, bricking the devices such that they required a full restore.

The report states:

We've seen several complaints from iPad Pro owners who were affected by the issue, and in some cases, even a restore from DFU mode failed to work. From the MacRumors forums:

"My iPad Pro 11" is in the same position, it failed during the update of iOS 13.2 beta 2. What you can try is putting it into DFU mode (press volume up, volume down, then hold power for 5 or so seconds) and plug it into iTunes via cable to restore it that way.

However, unfortunately mine gets an error when i try this so i have an Apple appointment tomorrow to get them to fix it."

Amid these reports, Apple appears to have pulled the iOS 13.2 beta 2 update for the iPad Pro as attempting to install the software at this time now produces an error message that the update was unable to be verified because of a lack of an internet connection, despite a connection being available.

As the report notes, the download for the beta is no longer available on the iPad Pro, but users who do have access should certainly avoid downloading until the issue is fixed.