Apple Releases HD Movie Purchases in iTunes

The word has gone out: Apple is now allowing you to do more than just rent movies in HD, they're letting you buy them. You're looking at spending a bit extra for the HD version - $19.99 to be precise. They're pushing preorders for a few movies (Quantum of Solace and Twilight) but there are also a few you can buy right now (Saw V, for example. Sadists rejoice!).

The movies also come with an SD version bundled in for your iPhone and iPod. Which is great and all, but how's-about Apple provide us with an iPhone that doesn't need such primitive down-scaled resolutions. iPhone HD looking more likely to anyone? If it comes, we're still doubting it would be the 720p that these videos come in (our money's on iPhone HD with 480p), but it would be a sight better. We're still hoping against hope here, but maybe 2009 could be the true "Year of HD," ...4 years late, but still very welcome.

Dieter Bohn