Apple rolls out massive Maps update for Canada

Apple Maps
Apple Maps (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple is rolling out a huge update to Maps for Canada beginning today.
  • Look Around will be available for all major cities.
  • EV routes, flyover, and various other features are included in the update.

Apple has been improving its Maps app with a ton more data for a couple of years now. The first country to get better Maps data was the U.S., but now it's finally Canada's turn.

Starting today, the Maps app for iPhone and iPad will receive a huge update that includes more detailed maps, Look Around for major cities, EV routes, and quite a bit more. Think of this as the next generation of Maps because this update is huge. Here is a quick breakdown of the new features coming to Maps in Canada.

Look Around

Apple Maps Update Canada Look Around Vancouver En 121120 Carousel.jpg.large 2x

Apple Maps Update Canada Look Around Vancouver En 121120 Carousel.jpg.large 2x (Image credit: Apple)

Look Around is coming to major Canadian cities, which will allow you to look at high-resolution 3D images of the entire city. This will be at street level, meaning you can take a look at a popular tourist destination or look around the park, like you're actually in that location.

Look Around will be coming to cities like Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, as well as parts of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and more according to Apple.


Guides offer curated lists of places to visit in a city. It's a way for you to find interesting parks, museums, monuments, and other cool things to see or do in a city. In Guides, you'll be able to see pictures of the location and more information if you want to read up on it before you visit.

EV routing

There's also EV routing coming across Canada. This will allow electric vehicle owners to plan routes with chargers in mind for the type of EV they are driving. For example, If you have a Tesla and want to go from Vancouver to Winnipeg, Maps can guide you there and take you to a Telsa Supercharger when you need to charge.

Real-time transit

Apple Maps Update Canada Transit Vancouver En 121120 Carousel.jpg.large 2x

Apple Maps Update Canada Transit Vancouver En 121120 Carousel.jpg.large 2x (Image credit: Apple)

Real time transit will give you access to live transit information for buses, trains, and other mode of public transit. This include arrival times, deprature times, a live look at where the bus or train currently is, and more.

This means if you plan on using transit in a new city, or just to get around your own city, you should be able to plan your entire trip with Maps.


Flyover should let you see major metro areas with photo-realistic, immersive 3D views from above. You'll be able to move your device through space to experience a top-down view of the citiy, or even pan, tilt, and zoom on locations and landmarks.

Speed Cameras

Where the data is available, Maps will now warn you when you are approaching red light or speed cameras well you're en route. You can also see speed cameras in the Maps as well.

Indoor maps

Canada is also getting indoor Maps for airports and malls in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and more cities.

You can simply open Maps while in a supported indoor location to see what level you're on, where restrooms are, which stores are open, and more!

Even more minor features

Head over to the Apple Newsroom post to look over every tiny detail.

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