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What you need to know

  • A new Apple Watch Series 6 ad focuses on activity and how the watch can inspire us.
  • Apple tells viewers that "the future of health is on your wrist."

A new Apple Watch ad focuses on health and activity, not to mention the ways an Apple Watch Series 6 is able to motivate us to do more — even when we want to just relax.

Posted to the company's YouTube channel, the video follows a woman who just wants to relax during her summer. But as her inner voice begins to narrate the story, we hear her change her mind and decide that she wants to run. And swim. And get back into dancing. And so, so much more.

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With features like fall detection, the Blood Oxygen app and workout tracking, the future of health is on your wrist.

Health has long been one of the best Apple Watch use cases for most people and being able to track activity is important for everyone. Apple always leans into health when talking about Apple Watch — as well it should. The wearable has been proven to help save lives time and time again, often thanks to its ECG functionality.

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All being well we expect Apple to announce the Apple Watch Series 7 wearable before the year comes to a close, although the next few months are already looking mighty busy. New Apple Watches are likely to join new iPhones, new iPads, and possibly even more before the year 2022 rolls around. And then there are the Apple silicon MacBook Pro refresh rumors that just won't go away, too!