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Fitbit Sense is Fitbit's most advanced smartwatch to date. It offers some excellent upgraded features such as EDA scans and stress management scores, ECG scans via the app, Sp02 monitoring when you use an Sp02 watch face, on-screen workouts, advanced sleep and activity tracking, and up to six days of battery life depending on how you use it.

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  • EDA scans and stress management scores
  • ECG and heart rate
  • Sp02 monitoring with Sp02 face
  • Advanced sleep and activity tracking
  • Up to six-day battery life
  • Less expensive


  • No built-in cellular
  • No safety tracking
  • No preloaded maps or navigation
  • Sp02 tracking only works with Sp02 watch face

Apple Watch Series 6 is Apple's greatest smartwatch yet and hosts many notable upgrades from its predecessors. It features ample storage, an always-on altimeter, ECG scans, advanced sleep, and activity tracking, faster processing and charging, and a built-in cellular system so you can make calls, send texts, and check emails completely phone-free.

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  • Built-in cellular
  • Safety tracking
  • Preloaded maps and navigation
  • All-day Sp02 monitoring
  • ECG and heart rate
  • Advanced sleep and activity tracking


  • Pricey
  • No Android compatibility

The Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense are at the top of their class and hail from highly reputable companies. While Apple Watch Series 6 is hard to beat for all-encompassing technology, features, and style, the Fitbit Sense is a worthy adversary. Its primary focus lies in premium health and fitness tracking. So, which one should you buy? That depends on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Fitbit Sense vs. Apple Watch Series 6: Breaking it down

These wearables have a lot to offer and have many features in common. Of course, there's a lot to consider when picking a smartwatch, and since these two devices are best in show, they have plenty of features to offer. From health tracking to sending text messages, your choice boils down to which features are must-haves. Let's look at the specs.

Fitbit Sense Apple Watch 6
Display size 1.58 inches 1.78 inches (44mm) 1.65 (40mm)
Display always-on Yes Yes
Water-resistant (up to 50 meters) Yes Yes
Internal storage 4GB 32GB
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Built-in GPS Yes Yes
Compass No Yes
Built-in cellular No Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
All-day activity tracking Yes Yes
Heart rate monitoring Yes Yes
Sp02 monitoring Yes (with Sp02 watch face) Yes (all-day)
Swim tracking Yes Yes
ECG tracking Yes Yes
Safety tracking No Yes
Mic Yes Yes
Altimeter Yes Yes (always-on)
Battery life Up to six days 18 hours
Compatibility iOS + Android iOS only
Customizable watch face Yes Yes
Smart assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Siri

Both the Fitbit Sense and the Apple Watch Series 6 are loaded with the latest technology. Each watch has customizable watch faces, smart assistance, and plenty of health features. In fact, these devices have a lot in common, which came makes selecting one incredibly difficult.

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch Series 6: Similar features

Fitbit SenseSource: Joe Maring / iMore

The Fitbit Sense and the Apple Watch Series 6 feature Sp02 monitoring, so you can keep a close eye on your blood oxygen levels. However, the Fitbit Sense can only operate this feature with an Sp02 watch face; the Apple Watch 6 monitors your Sp02 levels all day long, no matter what.

Both deliver excellent all-day activity tracking, sleep monitoring, menstrual tracking, ECG scans, stress monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and both have built-in GPS systems. Both are water-resistant up to 50 meters, and both can track your swimming data. Both smartwatches have an altimeter, but Apple Watch 6's is always on. Therefore, you can check your altitude anytime you'd like. No worries about wearing either in the shower, tub, or pool. If these features are your top priority, you really can't go wrong with either.

If these features are your top priority, you really can't go wrong with either.

When it comes to media, both feature Bluetooth connectivity, music streaming, music storage, a loudspeaker, and a mic. However, the Apple Watch Series 6 features 32GB of storage versus the Fitbit Sense's 4GB. You can store eight times the amount of data in your Apple Watch 6. If ample storage is a must for you, Apple Watch 6 is a no-brainer.

You will, of course, get all of your smart notifications with both; your call, text, email, event, and weather reminders. You can also voice command your smart assistant on both. Fitbit Sense uses Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and the Apple Watch Series 6 uses Siri. Also, both can host third-party apps, though the Fitbit Sense won't store as many as the Series 6. So, though they both have similar features, the Apple Watch has a few more perks.

Fitbit Sense vs. Apple Watch Series 6: Customization

When it comes to personalization and style, both the Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch 6 have thousands of customizable watch faces to choose from via their respective apps. However, Apple Watch 6 has a lot more colors, materials, and bands to choose from.

You can pick between stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium casing and between multiple band colors, materials, and styles. Apple Watch Series 6 gives you the ability to make it completely your own; the options are endless. The Fitbit Sense only comes in two colors: carbon/graphite and white/gold. The casing is aluminum, and the band it comes with is made of silicone.

Fitbit Sense vs. Apple Watch Series 6: Battery and apps

Apple Watch Series 6 ReviewSource: Lory Gil / iMore

Let's jump into how these two differ, starting with battery life. The Fitbit Sense offers up to six days of battery life, while the Apple Watch Series 6 only offers up to 18 hours. If you're someone who doesn't like charging your wearables daily, the Fitbit Sense is superior here, but keep in mind that battery life depends on how you use your wearable. If you're operating your smartwatch in GPS or music mode the majority of the time, your battery life is going to be significantly shorter.

When it comes to compatibility, the Fitbit Sense is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, whereas the Apple Watch 6 is only compatible with iOS — sorry Android users.

Both smartwatches work in tandem with companion apps. The Fitbit Sense uses the Fitbit App, and Apple Watch Series 6 works with the Apple Health App. Overall, users report the Fitbit App is slightly more intuitive to navigate. Some users complain about digging deep into the Apple Health App to find certain health insights, like in-depth blood oxygen data. However, the overall user consensus regarding both apps is positive.

Fitbit Sense vs. Apple Watch Series 6: Apple has a bit more

Though these devices do have plenty of the same features, the Apple Watch Series 6 really starts to pull away when it comes to cellular and safety features. In safety tracking, Apple Watch 6 reigns supreme with an extensive department. It features fall detection and international emergency calling. It uses an advanced navigation system to pinpoint your exact location worldwide and send alerts to local emergency services if you ever find yourself in a jam. This is one feature the Fitbit Sense just doesn't have.

Going phone-free is such a cool feature and puts the Apple Watch Series 6 in a class of its own.

Apple Watch 6 also features a built-in cellular system; you can make a call, send a text, or write an email from wherever you are without your phone. Going phone-free is such a cool feature and puts the Apple Watch Series 6 in a class of its own.

Another area the Fitbit Sense falters is navigation. Apple Watch Series 6 is outfitted with a compass. It comes with preloaded maps so you can map your routes while you're biking, hiking, running, or walking. It also features navigation. After you input directions, Apple Watch 6 will give your wrist a buzz when it's time to turn left or right, and you can see your routes displayed directly on your watch face. Unfortunately, the Fitbit Sense does not have a compass, preloaded maps, or a navigation system.

Still, with those extra features comes a higher price tag. While you get some great extras with the Apple Watch Series 6, it can cost you a little over $100 more. So, depending on your budget and which features matter to you, that price hike may make the choice for you.

Fitbit Sense vs. Apple Watch Series 6: Which should you buy?

Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch SeSource: Daniel Bader / iMore

In a nutshell, Fitbit Sense does a great job when it comes to health and fitness tracking. However, if you're looking for a smartwatch that offers health and fitness tracking on top of features like built-in cellular, safety tracking, and navigation, the Apple Watch 6 is the way to go.

The Apple Watch 6 is inarguably the world's best smartwatch available on the market today. It just offers more than the Fitbit Sense when it comes to all-encompassing features, technology, and style. Still, if you're looking for a more affordable option with longer battery life, the Fitbit Sense offers excellent health and fitness tracking.

Both are great products, but if you're using an iOS system and you have the budget for it, we highly recommend springing for the Apple Watch Series 6.

The best of the best

Apple Watch Series 6 White Cellular

Apple Watch Series 6


Inarguably the world's greatest smartwatch, the Apple Watch 6 has everything you need when it comes to tech, features, and style.

Excellent value

Fitbit Sense Black

Fitbit Sense

Runner up

The Fitbit Sense offers excellent features and tech. If you're looking for more battery life at a great value, this is your best bet!

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