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What you need to know

  • Apple has updated its Mac for Business on the Apple at Work website.
  • The new website lists eleven reasons the Mac is perfect for businesses.

Apple has updated its Apple at Work with eleven reasons a business should opt for a Mac over a PC. With each of the reasons, the company includes a link that dives deeper into the argument that the company is making for its computer.

Some of the reasons that Apple recommends a Mac is the new M1 processor, the battery life in its latest laptops, and its security and privacy features. The company especially went hard on the M1 as it actually took up two (and arguably three or four) spaces in the list.

The Apple M1 chip changes everything. Custom technologies. Blazing-fast processing. And incredible power efficiency. In short, it's a breakthrough for breakthroughs. For your entire team.

Below are all eleven reasons that Apple thinks the Mac is best for businesses (with context):

  1. One seriously powerful chip (The new M1 processor)
  2. See reason #1 (Apple highlights the speed upgrades to the MacBook Air with M1)
  3. Our loooooooooooooooooongest battery life (M1 enables up to 18 hours on the MacBook Air)
  4. Mac works with IT (Apple highlights Mac's compatibility with MDM or Mobile Device Management)
  5. Mac works for companies without IT (Apple highlights Migration Assistant for small businesses)
  6. Mac costs less in the long run (Study finds that Mac saves businesses $843 over three years compared to PC)
  7. The most innovative companies run on Mac (84% of the world's top innovators deploy Mac at scale)
  8. Excel. And so much more. (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, SAP, Dropbox, and even iPad and iPhone apps on Mac)
  9. Security's built right in (Hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID, and Gatekeeper)
  10. Mac ❤ iPhone (Apple's highlights how Mac and iPhone are integrated to work seamlessly together)
  11. It's a pleasure to work with (Showcases how employees who work on a computer they love are more productive)

Apple has released a slew of new computers in the last year with the new M1 processor, including the new and redesigned iMac. The company is also expected to announce the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro in the fall.

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You can check out the new Mac for Business website and dive deep into all eleven reasons to use one for your business on Apple's website. If you want to figure out which Mac is best for you, check out our list of the Best Mac in 2021.

Imac 2021 Blue

iMac (2021)

Bottom line: If you have the money to spring for the higher-end model, the iMac (2021) will likely surprise you. It's got enough power to accomplish all the basic tasks you could ask of a family computer and some leftover if you want to do a little more. Wrap that all up in a beautiful colored package and the iMac is one hell of a machine.

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