Apple's new series highlights flexibility of iPhone 11 Pro's camera

What you need to know

  • Apple has shared a new photo series highlighting the iPhone 11 Pro.
  • The series takes a look at the triple-camera system.
  • It shows how flexibile and dynamic the triple-camera system is.

In conjunction with the iPhone 11 Pro's launch, Apple has put the device in the hands of some notable creators.

Andy To first took us on a dazzling visual tour of Tokyo, and then Austin Mann produced some remarkable images with Apple's new Night Mode.

Now, Apple has released a new series of images with photographer Justin Bettman.

"The mechanism of shifting from Wide to Ultra Wide to pull back and view the picture in its entirety is actually a metaphor for storytelling," Bettman said.

The new series is a nice demonstration of the flexibility photographer's get with the iPhone 11 Pro's triple-camera setup. Instead of getting closer or farther away from a subject, iPhone 11 Pro owners can just switch between the different lenses.

The video shared by Apple is also fascinating because it goes behind the scenes of an artist's creative process.

How have you enjoyed your iPhone 11 Pro so far? Is the triple-camera system all it's cracked up to be?

Brandon Russell