Apple shows off the magic of the iPhone 11 Pro's Night mode

What you need to know

  • Apple shared a short video on Instagram demonstrating what Night mode can do.
  • The results truly are remarkable and photographers are full of praise for the feature.
  • One photographer said the mode mimics how the "human eye would see in the dark."

One of the coolest new features in the iPhone 11 Pro is the new Night mode, and it's the focus of a dazzling new post on Apple's Instagram.

"Commissioned by Apple. Low-light images captured before and after #nightmode on the #iphone11pro."

In the post, Apple shares images from Geordie Wood, Jason Nocito, and Laura Jane Coulson, all three of whom have hi praise for Apple's Night mode. Their glowing reviews line up with what another photographer, Austin Mann, had to say about Night mode.

"Night mode mimics how the human eye would see in the dark, much better than a traditional still camera," Wood said.

"The fact that you can shoot in almost complete darkness and get great portraits is really surprising," Nocito said.

Coulson, meanwhile, said Night mode's saturation is great, and when combined with the wide camera, produces terrific results.

Apple's Night mode truly does make a big difference in low light situations and has the potential to completely change how iPhone users take pictures. Don't take my word for it; check out the post above to see for yourself.

Brandon Russell