Apple Special Music/iPod/iTunes/(iTablet?) Event Taking Place Sept. 8?

MediaMemo reports that multiple music industry sources have been informed that Apple's annual Special Music Event, typically involving iPod and iTunes, will take place the second week of September -- and since Apple usually holds these events on Tuesdays, that would make September 8 the day to watch.

Widely expected to be seen at the event is Apple's third generation iPod touch, rumored to be getting a camera like it's big iPhone brother, and perhaps the same "S stands for Speed" performance chipset. Chatter has also spread about the iPod nano getting a camera, as well as iTunes 9 speculation involving app organizing, Blu-Ray support, and social network integration. And let's not forgot iPhone 3.1 we got 2.1 last year, after all).

The two biggest mysteries will, of course, be whether or not Apple chooses to debut their near-deafeningly rumored iTablet at the event, or hold off for another event (annual MacBook event perhaps?) or next year, and whether or not a newly returned Steve Jobs takes once again to the keynote stage.

TiPb will, as always, provide ongoing coverage leading up to, during, and post event. (We can't wait either!)

Rene Ritchie

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