Apple Store Employees on the iPhone 3G: Plead the 5th!

Apple Insider claims to have gotten their hands on a three page memo from Apple to Apple Store staff containing a form of Frequently Asked Questions. We say "a form" because the officially dictated answers to almost all customer questions are pretty much variations on "we dunno."

Highlights include:

  • No holding iPhone 3G's
  • First come, first serve
  • No personal shopping reservations
  • No info regarding upgrades
  • iPod Touch is competitive due to lack of contract requirement
  • No info on future iPod Touch price drops
  • Talk to AT&T about activations
  • Talk to AT&T about corporate and bulk purchases
  • Talk to AT&T about roaming
  • Wait for AT&T to release detailed rate plans

Apple also reminds staff that loose lips sink ships. (They're not to speculate beyond the meager amount of information already released to the public.)

Should be easy, given that it's only a few weeks before release, and we still know so very little...


Rene Ritchie

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