Help people affected by the European migrant crisis with American Red Cross donations via iTunes [Updated]

Apple is once again giving its customers a direct way to help in a current crisis. The company has launched a way for people to send donations to the American Red Cross to assist the people that are being affected by the current migrant and refugee crisis in Europe. People can donate up to $200 via an iTunes link.

The current crisis is due to hundreds of thousands of people who are fleeing their homes in the Mediterranean region to seek refuge in Europe, many of which have come from Syria which has been the site of a protracted war. While some European countries have opened their borders to help, others have sealed their borders.

Apple has launched similar relief efforts in the past via iTunes, including most recently a call to donate money to help earthquake victims in Nepal in April

Update: According to an internal memo obtained by Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook informed employees that the company will match employee donations 2-to-1 as well.

Via: AppleInsider

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