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Apple teases big iTunes announcement for tomorrow

If you head to the Apple website right now, you will be greeted by a huge teaser for a big iTunes announcement coming our way tomorrow.

Tomorrow is just another day, that you'll never forget Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes

The event will take place at 7AM PST/10AM EST/3PM GMT/12AM JST

What could we be expecting? Will Apple finally pull the trigger on an Cloud streaming music/media? Will they finally offer a subscription service?

Comment below with your ideas, and then tune in tomorrow for the announcement.

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  • iOS 4.2 for iPad ??? :D
  • The cloud???
  • devastat: Possible, but i doubt it. This is an "exciting announcement from iTunes". Streaming service? Last minute added support for it in iOS 4.2?
  • My Guess is the Cloud as well.
  • Yup cloud. We will never forget our music at home again! (or videos).
  • As it's an iTunes announcement I dont think it'll be IOS 4.2
  • @gtprina - good guess. Better than my Beatles coming to iTunes guess.
  • I vote some sort of cloud support. To what extent remains unknown...
  • Yeah I am thinking (hoping) for the cloud and Could just be iOS 4.2 though, who knows with Apple.
  • Cant wait to see it! I'll set my alar...
    Damn. :)
  • Only geeks know what iOS 4.2 is, but everyone knows what iTunes is. It will be about AirPlay, AirPrint, etc. I do hope I'm surprised by a cloud announcement, but I think it's too soon.
  • Verizon iPhone... how else would they title the announcement without giving it away?
  • With cloud services for iTunes, would there be any reason to have ANY music, movies, podcasts, or TV shows on your iPhone/iPad/iPod?
  • @Christopher of course, unless all cell providers decide to have unlimited data for all , most of the places you listen to your music on the go is not at home where you have wifi
  • They're going to change their interface back to the non-gray theme and put the buttons back to their original location instead of looking like a traffic light. Yes, I've already changed it back to the old way.
  • I think its going to be an iTunes android App. :-)
  • they will change the crappy icon :D
  • Why is it targeted to the East Coast time zone? That is unusual for Apple. I say it's for Verizon.
  • They got Facebook integration for Ping
  • I hope it is the cloud as well.
  • I'm with the others that there's going to be some cloud/subscription service. Why would the Verizon iPhone be an iTunes announcement. And the Beatles on iTunes... don't care, bought the cd's a while back, have them on my iTunes now.
  • Their NC Data center is on the East coast.
    Come on cloud
  • They put it at that time to interrupt the facebook email announcement. I'm not even taking a stab at this. I can't picture how the Apple-cloud-iTunes-music mashup is going to play out.
  • They are targeting the East Coast time zone because that's where the NC data center is located, tomorrow the servers will start hitting the pipes for the first time.
  • They fix the alarm bug in iOS? I'm setting my alarm special .........doh!
  • Hopefully iTunes cloud sync for iOS.
  • Let's see... They're going to announce that you can now upgrade your device firmware and access iWhatevers as USB memory, thus allowing you to permanently uninstall iTunes and never have to deal with that horrid PoS pseudo-virus again?
    Probably not, sadly, but that's pretty much the only iTunes announcement I can imagine that I would care about for more than two minutes, let alone "never forget".
  • They are announcing that iTunes is closing and we all have to go back to buying CD's and Vinyl :-)
  • I hope it is cloud based iTunes but it seems odd they would announce it via website rather than having Steve talk about it on stage.
    Whatever it is I hope its something good!
  • The cloud, good, I need a new subscription service, might cancel my rhapsody subscription, I can't get Whip my hair to play.
  • Apple is the ultimate hype machine. And I'm buying. Can't wait to see...
  • Probably cloud. NOT iOS related or verizon etc. Otherwise it wouldn't be ITUNES announcement
  • Verizon announcement? HIGHLY unlikely. IF that was the case why would they put London and Tokyo clocks?
  • Steve Jobs' brain has been virtualized and loaded into The Cloud being hosted at that huge datacenter in North Carolina.* but only accessible via wifi at this time, 3G 'soon'. ;-)
  • What is all this Cloud talk?
  • None of the things above, they are just merging itunes stores worldwide into a universal store and making prices universal too. Cheers, enjoy!
  • Maybe a free subscription?
    I have a dumb question. Can someone explain "the cloud" thing?
  • It's a service where you can upload your music library to the web and listen to it online from a wifi or 3G device like the iphone without putting all your music on your phone.
  • Steve jobs doesn't want to play anymore and he's taking his gadgets with him !!
  • I'm thinking its going to be something big for the new Apple TV. They came out with the Apple TV and now that it sold alot of units there going to release a update to were you can play games on it and add widgets or something. We already know that iOS 4.2 is coming out so I don't see why they would do this over that.
    iPhone 4/3GS/3G case for just a Penny. No Lie, No gimmicks, just trying to get the cases out there and instead of pay tons of money to Marketers we are just selling the case for a penny
    Thank You and for all your support.
  • "It's just another day": All itunes songs will be redone by Paul McCartney. LOL If I were a betting man...CLOUD
  • It's probably just the bump from 30-seconds to 90-seconds previews. They never "officially" announced it...
  • Ping integration with Facebook. FB is having a "mystery" event tomorrow also.
  • Actually all the iOS devices will suddenly turn into robots and take over the planet. The Nokia phone that turned into an evil killer in Transformers was actually an old iPhone. The new D Day is upon us.
  • "Cant wait to see it! I’ll set my alar…"
    Can we stop FUDding this alarm bug now? It only happens to recurring alarm events created prior to DST changeover. If you set a new alarm now it doesn't affect you, if you delete and recreate the recurring alarm, it doesn't affect you.
  • Definitely the CLOUD!!! baby.
  • My panties are moist thinking about the possibilities.
  • @Copy of (Dev)
    Nice one... Lmao :)
    Go free MobileMe!
  • @zeagus
    get this man's sense of humour a gurney, 600 of asa, 3000cc in a fast drip and don't let it run dry . STAT . !
  • @Zeagus
    You might want to look up what FUD means. There was no Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt in that one-liner, just an expression of dissatisfaction that such a seemingly trivial (technically) but important (usability) bug could go unaddressed despite months of warning, phrased in a pithy manner designed to engender a passing giggle. Next time I promise to diagram the sentence fully and add apporpriate disclaimers.
    Or you could just grow a sense of humor about the fact that even our favorite company is not infallible.
  • Want IOS 4.2 :(
  • I'm sure they're going to include the announcement of longer previews for songs over 1.5 mins. I'm hoping that they will announce a subscription service! There's so much that I want to download from iTunes, but not willing to pay for individually. If they offered a yearly $150 subscription service, I would definitely be willing to throw in the money for unlimited downloads. Maybe it won't be unlimited though. Perhaps the $150 would only allow you to download 150 songs.
    It's possible they could finally be releasing a cloud service, especially considering the new data center they've got. I'd enjoy the opportunity to upload all my music to the cloud to free up space on my computer.
    More Ping integration wouldn't be a surprise.
    The hopeful side of me is hoping for iTunes widgets, which would allow mini iTunes players to play music on websites such as Facebook and various forums.
    I should stop considering what might be announced before my wild imagination gets the better of me.
  • What about the mac app store?
  • Putting all your music on Apple servers and allowing you to stream it to your iPhone/iPod/iPad would surely need another software update so I don't see it being that.
    The page seems to indicate a global announcement, so I doubt it is going to be a subscription service as that tends to take time to negotiate with the distributors in each country (unless they have managed to keep it super secret).
    I could be wrong though...
  • @Ben h- No sir, that won't be integrated yet. I believe that a lion feature
  • correction, it will be for leopard BUT still is 2 months away
  • @MrC, good observation about the global context. I still don't think it's a big enough event and there hasn't been enough time for a cloud or subscription announcement. We'll see, but I suspect the wording of the announcement is a bit over-hyped, probably just trying to take some of the wind out of Facebooks event. I really doubt it's a day we'll never forget.
  • Whatever it is, it's perfectly timed for the big holiday quarter. Apple's hardware lineup is already in place, and iOS 4.2 plus whatever is announced tomorrow will help to build more buzz for Apple products. I'd guess that the North Carolina data center will come online and we'll get massive improvements to media streaming.
    And (hoping beyond all hope here) you might be able to stream your purchased media from MobileMe "cloud" storage as well as stream rented or subscribed-to content from iTunes. Cloud-based iTunes seems inevitable now that Apple's only iDevice with a hard drive is the iPod Classic.
  • @MrC
    Keep in mind its just an announcement. So an itunes update could be for later to enable whatever they have going.
    So what could it be that "you'll never forget" but isn't event worthy? I'm guessing subscriptions. MS's Zune Pass is worth Apple's attention now given that it will have new life in WP7.
    Not event worthy by itself but certainly something Apple would want in place ASAP.
    The cloud thing i think they'd want as part of an event. If nothing else, then to explain it to the masses.
  • I am holding hope for OTA Sync.
  • I'm pretty sure the amount of Miller High Life that I'll be drinking past 4:00pm, will definitely impare my ability to remember Apple's event. Am I right fellas? (Wink wink. Nudge nudge. [high five]).
  • Cloud is useless. Streaming content destroys battery life, and what good is streaming on the majority of iPods that get sold!?!
  • @frog Last I knew the majority of the iPods sold (presently) were iPod Touches, that are WiFi, it is actually good for iPod users.
    But we can still drink High Lifes, right man? Right?
  • I'd say they're introducing the Beatles into their iTunes! And Ofcourse, other good stuff.
  • Hope it's not cloud only get 1.5g data (cap) a month on mobile network
  • Jobs will announce his run for the Presidency on the Tea Party ticket.
  • @cardfan: I don't think it is even just an announcement about subscriptions. They would have had to agreed it with most distributors around the world if it is a worldwide announcement like the teaser implies and I just don't see how they could keep that under wraps. If they announced their intentions to the public without first consulting the distributors they would probably be furious and Apple would lose what little sway they have left for negotiating deals.
  • Facebook integration for Ping.
    If it were the cloud, Steve Jobs would be up there explaining how it'll all work and why it's a magical, mystical, glorious, beautiful thing.
  • Maybe the mac app store !!!
  • You gotta love apple and their little suprises. Can't wait.
  • Here's what i HOPE the surprise consists of, in ascending order of importance to me, starting with the minors, Facebook integration with Ping, Over-the-Air (OTA) pdate to iOS 4.2, OTA sync with itunes, and better overall iTunes performance.
  • Well, if Apple announces a cloud / streaming on iTunes tomorrow, it is nothing new for us Europeans as we have had the priviledge to use Spotify for a long time, and what's best is that we don't necessarily even have to pay for the music!
  • Ok I think it's the beatles catalog being released on I tunes.
    Reasoning : tomorrow is another day are the opening lyrics to a beatles song
  • Something to look forward to tomorrow. Can't wait.
  • NOW PLAYING lock, like how it used to be.
  • It's the beatles. Got an email from the wall street journal. What a disappointment. Wow.
  • @Jez has a point!
  • How about iphone with verizon!
  • @Jamie what's it like living in dream land eh? Eh? EeeHh? Just kidding. Here's a high life. Let's take our shirts off and party. A Steve Jobs party. Shirts are for work. Work is for jerks.
    [chest bumps everybody in this thread and believe it or not, we're all better people for it.]
  • Flash player or Flash to html 5 converter.
  • @flash player, don't you feel foolish now. U mad?