Apple TV: which size storage should you get?

Apple TV: which size storage should you get?

Best answer: Unless you're on a very tight budget, we recommend the Apple TV 4K (64GB) model.Best for most: Apple TV 4K (63GB ($199 at Apple)

Which Apple TV is best?

The iPhone maker currently offers three Apple TV models. There's the 2015 Apple TV HD (32GB), and 2017 Apple TV 4K with 32GB or 64GB. Most of the new televisions on the market are 4K versus HD. Because of this, and knowing the 4K model is newer, we recommend the Apple TV 4K over the HD model.

If we break the prices for each 4K model down per gigabyte, we get the following:

  • 32 GB for $179 = $5.60 per gigabyte
  • 64 GB for $199 = $3.11 per gigabyte

So the 32GB Apple TV has the lowest absolute price, but the 64GB has the best overall value per gigabyte. It's the latter that we recommend because of the significant difference in price per gigabyte. Besides, with 32GB more storage, the 64GB is the one that will give you more room to grow.

How to use that extra space

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade (Image credit: Apple)

Until recently, the 32GB Apple TV 4K would have been more than enough if you planned on using the box to primarily stream movies, TV shows, and music, and play a few apps and games. However, with the new Apple Arcade subscription service going online this fall, the likelihood that you or another member of your family will use an Apple TV for gaming will increase.

Therefore, the extra space is worth getting -- especially when you consider the already mentioned price difference per gigabyte.

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