Apple Updates App Store -- Less Words, More Screenshots

Apple has begun rolling out an update to the way the iTunes (on Windows or Mac) shows the App Store, including fewer words and more screenshots. Rather than the lengthy app descriptions of old, iTunes now shows only the first two lines, with a "more..." tag that needs to be clicked to reveal the rest (time to tighten up that text, developers!). Instead of one screenshot at a time, iTunes also now shows a series of scrollable screenshots, similar to how the on-device App Store began showing them with iPhone 3.0.

iTunes 9 gave media a makeover, so it's nice to see Apps get the same treatment. iTunes 9, also like iPhone iTunes and App Store, transitioned to WebKit and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the UI. So, Apple can update it at any time without needed to provide a new version for users to download. Exactly the reason they're promoting WebKit UI for apps in general (when and where they make sense) during their Tech Talk World Tour.

Again, it's rolling out, so a lot of apps still show the old pages. If you can find the new look, however, let us know what you think. Better for buyers? How about developers?

(via TechCrunch)

Rene Ritchie

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  • Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I like it. It's a different look and feeds our eyes in a more efficient way. We are visual creatures and this redesign gives us a quick look at the app(s) user interface.
  • Again, no love for Australia.
  • this is nice but where in the devil is the news for 3.2? it is not lke them to just let the iphone go without some sort of a software update news article for this long.
  • the new look suck i realise that some app before the new look have a nice page for example:real racing n ocarina before the new look the app have a really nice page with colour on the whole page but with the new look now the page just gone from colourful,nice to borning n plain white page!
  • You forgot to mention the app wish list was added.
  • Don't like it. I keep my iTunes window relatively small, and the description text doesn't even wrap inside the window. It looks really amateurish.
  • Saw it before reading this and thought something was up with my laptop. Hah. Glad to see it updated, looks great!
  • Well, from what I can say, the devs are gonna work their butts off for the most eye-catching screenshots and app icon to drive their sales!
  • I always look at screen shots first, then reviews second. Then, if I don't like what I see, I don't bother reading the description because I won't buy it anyway.
    So, big improvement.
  • Whatever... just try not to butcher English grammar so assiduously.
  • Fewer words. Not "less words". Fewer is the correct word choice.
  • I kinda like it, screenshots are way to big (for me at least on 1280x800 laptop)
  • good read thanks for the share. nice website