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What you need to know

  • Apple Watch charging pucks are reportedly in short supply.
  • Third-party accessory makers are struggling to get the parts needed to complete their own products.

A shortage of Apple Watch charging pucks is reportedly impacting the ability of accessory makers to get new products into the hands of customers.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, accessory makers are struggling to get their hands on the Apple Watch charging kit that they need if they are to be able to get their own products into the hands of their customers.

It isn't clear why this is happening, but it's likely that the chargers are suffering in the same way other parts are — COVID-19 production constraints. The charging pucks are proprietary Apple parts, meaning companies can't just make their own. Instead, they have to use Apple kit and then integrate it into their own products for sale to customers.

Have you been waiting a while for an Apple Watch charger made by a company other than Apple? Well, you're probably not alone. Some smaller accessory companies told me that Apple's proprietary watch charging pucks, which are available for third-party companies to integrate, have been in short supply, delaying some shipments. It's unclear what has led to the shortages, but it could be another knock-on effect of pandemic-stricken supply chain issues that have occurred over the past year.

Apple's first-party chargers do not appear to be impacted by any of this and you'll still get one in the box when you order a new Apple Watch Series 6, for example.

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