New Apple Watch Hermès bands: What you need to know!

Apple and French fashion-house Hermès have announced a new, expanded lineup of Apple Watch for the spring. For the first time it includes separate bands you can add to your existing Watch collection. And you can get any or all of them starting April 19!

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What styles are available?

Apple Watch Hermès is keeping to the same classic styles:

  • Single Tour
  • Double Tour
  • Cuff

Any new colors?

Several. Most of the original colors remain:

  • Fauvre (fawn brown)
  • Noir (black)
  • Etain (pewter)

New colors include:

  • Bleu Paon (peacock blue/green)
  • Bleu Saphir (sapphire blue)
  • Blanc (white)
  • Feu (flame orange)

Do all styles and colors come in all sizes?

Lucky for my wallet, no! The Double Tour continues to be exclusive to the 38mm size. The Cuff to the 42mm — and Fauve Barenia color. So, the Single Tour remains the only one available to both case sizes — and in a variety of colors at 42mm.

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band:

  • Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm in XL)
  • Double Tour in Etain Swift (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Blue Jean Swift (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm)
  • Double Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm)

Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Band:

  • Single Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm & 42mm)
  • Single Tour in Noir Box (38mm & 42mm)
  • Single Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
  • Single Tour in Etain Swift (42mm)
  • Single Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (42mm)
  • Single Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm & 42mm)
  • Single Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm & 42mm)
  • Single Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm & 42mm)

Apple Watch Hermès Cuff:

  • Cuff in Fauve Barenia (42mm)

If I get one of the solo bands, will I automagically get the Hermès watch face?

Alas, no. You need a Hermès watch — the actual stainless steel case — to get the watch face.

How much do the individual bands cost?

Less than I expected! The pricing, for Hermès leather, is remarkable. If you haven't visited a Hermès store recently and seen what they charge for non-Apple watches with a Single or Double Tour, it starts at around $3K.

  • Single Tour: $340
  • Double Tour: $490
  • Cuff: $690

Want. How do I get them?

Starting April 19, 2016. You can get 'em here:

See at Apple

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