Apple Watch NikeLab in pictures

Apple Watch NikeLab is a special edition variant of the regular Apple Watch Nike+, itself a variant of the aluminum Apple Watch Series 2. What makes it distinct, beyond the Nike+ integrations and watch faces, is the currently-exclusive band — in bone and black.

Yes, Apple Watch NikeLab is "just" an Apple Watch Nike+ in space gray with a so-far uniquely band color

It's a great looking band color, though. "Bone" is a morbid name but accurately describes the way it looks, and the black accents really set it off.

The black accents are much more visible on the back than on the front, though it doesn't really matter when you're wearing it.

Otherwise it's just like the regular Apple Watch Nike+ that's been available since September

The case is exactly the same space gray aluminum with ion-x (ion exchange) glass over the display. It's the bone and black band that's distinct from the black and volt (or anthracite and black) bands available on the standard models.

I don't have the silver aluminum Apple Watch Nike+, but I do have the platinum and white band and, while the difference in shades is subtle, you can easily see it when side-by-side. (Especially around the holes.)

Perplexingly, the pin isn't matched to the casing, like other Apple Watch combos.

The regular space gray Apple Watch Nike+ has a space gray pin. Similarly, the rose gold and gold Apple Watches have matching rose gold and gold pins. Apple Watch NikeLab, though, doesn't. Instead, it has a stainless steel pin like the Nike sport bands sold separately. I wonder if this color was originally supposed to be sold separately as well?

And yes, it looks awesome paired with the Apple Watch Edition

While it doesn't match as exactly as the platinum and white Nike sport band, the bone and black NikeLab band still looks terrific when paired with the ceramic white Apple Watch Edition. Of course, you currently have to buy both the Edition and the NikeLab to get the set. Fingers crossed bone and black gets sold separately eventually.

Any questions on Apple Watch NikeLab?

Let me know what you think of the space black and bone and black combo! And, if you have any questions about Apple Watch NikeLab, Apple Watch Nike+, or Apple Watch in general, drop them in the comments below.

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