The Apple Watch now starts at $399 in Canada

The Apple Watch didn't get a major refresh at today's event in Cupertino, but the wearable, which was released almost a year ago, received a major price drop.

Dropping from a base price of $449 to $399 CAD for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport, Canadians don't get the full $100 price drop of their American counterparts, but something is something.

Give me the specifics.

Sure. The Apple Watch Sport now starts at $399 CAD, down from $449 CAD when it debuted a year ago. The 42mm Sport now starts at $469, a $50 drop from its $519 debut in 2015.

Unfortunately, the stainless steel Apple Watch didn't receive any drops: it still starts at $699 paired with a sport band.

I heard there are some new bands!

You heard correct. There are a number of new bands, including a selection of new woven nylon bands that come either bundled with the Apple Watch Sport, or sold separately for $69 CAD in one of seven colours.

What about updates to existing ones?

Yup! There are now a grand total of 22 Sport Band options, including new apricot, yellow, light pink, and mint, all of which are still $69 CAD.

There is also a new Space Black Milanese Loop band, for $199, along with several new leather Classic Buckle colours, including red, yellow, and blue options, also $199.

Finally, there are new leather Modern Buckle options, also in yellow or red, for $329.

What happened to all those rumoured fashion partnerships?

We don't know! There were rumours of additional Hermès options this time around, as well as new partnerships with companies like Tiffany's. Those didn't pan out, but that doesn't preclude Apple from announcing more partnerships later this year.

Will Apple release a new Watch later this year?

Probably! The Apple Watch was first announced in September 2014 and released seven months later, in April 2015. Now 11 months later, and after its first price drop, the Apple Watch is more accessible than ever. While it's not a given that the company will release a sequel in September alongside the iPhone 7, there's a pretty good chance.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader is a Senior Editor at iMore, offering his Canadian analysis on Apple and its awesome products. In addition to writing and producing, Daniel regularly appears on Canadian networks CBC and CTV as a technology analyst.