Apple's 10 Mil... er... 40 Million iPhone March

Michael Arrington over on TechCrunch turns his attention to how the iPhone production numbers crunch, and comes back with:

Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant that produces the iPhone 3G for Apple, has ramped up production to 800,000 units per week, says a source close to Apple with direct knowledge of the numbers. This is “above current full capacity” and there may be some concerns with quality control.

Steve Jobs originally, and famously said Apple would move 10 million iPhones in 2008. With the above production, however, that's 10 million a quarter -- 40 million a year! Crazy. And what with 22 countries about to become 42 and eventually 70+ by years end, and reports of cracks in the plastic backing of the new iPhone 3G already filtering in, could quality control be any more important right now?

Here's hoping Apple sells a ton of iPhone's this year. And here's also hoping quality assurance numbers are just as high.

Rene Ritchie

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