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What you need to know

  • Francesca Sweet, Apple's product line manager for iPhone, joined Justine Ezarik for a new interview.
  • The two talked 5G and its impact for customers using Apple's iPhone 12 lineup.
  • They also touch on the impact 5G will have on enterprise clients.

Francesca Sweet, Apple's product line manager for the iPhone, joined Justine Ezarik for a new interview to talk about 5G and its impact for customers who are buying the company's iPhone 12 lineup.

When asked about what kind of speeds customers can expect, Sweet said that Apple is seeing speeds up to 25 times faster than LTE for mmWave, and up to twice as fast for sub-6GHz 5G.

Sweet also touched on the iPhone 12 and its ability to shoot in Dolby Vision. While this alone is an important step forward for creatives, Sweet talked about how 5G will bring real-time upload capabilities that wouldn't exist as seamlessly with LTE.

"You're out in the field all the time. Being able to upload those, certainly we're going to see unlocking all of these great opportunities for creatives being able to upload all of their content in real time."

Sweet also mentioned that tethering your iPhone with an iPad or Mac with a 5G connection will bring speeds up to four times as fast as LTE, another win for creatives and those who work on the go.

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5G is also going to have an impact of enterprise and augmented reality, says Sweet, including new live interactive experiences that were not possible before.

"We worked really closely with some developers to be able to introduce some really interesting enterprise solutions, to be able to do some really fun AR things ... you'll be able to do some live interactions with augmented reality that I think is going to open up a lot of opportunities."

You can watch the full interview between Justine Ezarik and Francesca Sweet below: