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What you need to know

  • Apple appears to be shipping new iPad Pro orders with a 20W USB-C charger.
  • The same tablets used to ship with an 18W part.
  • This as Apple stops shipping iPhones with any charger at all.

Apple now appears to be shipping its latest 20W USB-C charger with new iPad Pro orders, replacing the outgoing 18W option.

The news started to appear on Reddit and was then spotted by 9to5Mac, but Apple hasn't confirmed the change itself. Checking the online Apple Store still shows an 18W part as being offered in the iPad Pro box, for example.

Apple iPhone 12 boxSource: Apple

This comes after Apple stopped shipping any charger in the boxes iPhones come in, saying everyone already has them. But that might not be the case, with the latest iPhones shipping with Lightning to USB-C cables – meaning people need a USB-C charger to plug them into.

It's likely Apple is trying to get 20W USB-C chargers into as many homes as possible, ensuring people with iPad Pro tablets can fast-charge their new iPhones as well. That being said, anyone with an older 18W charger should also be able to charge pretty quickly, too.

And let's face it – everything charges like crazy compared to that old 5W charger Apple shipped for far tooling!