Apple's M1 processor drives an $11 billion quarter for the Mac

Apple Silicon
Apple Silicon (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple silicon has driven record revenues for the Mac.
  • The Mac posted revenue of $10.9 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

The Mac is experiencing a renaissance after the release of the M1 processor.

During the company's Q1 2022 earnings call, Apple revealed that the Mac experienced a record-breaking quarter of $10.9 billion, a growth of 25% year over year.

Apple attribues this growth to the launch of Apple silicon as well as the new MacBook Pro.

For Mac, revenue of 10.9 billion was an all time record, with growth of 25% year over year, driven by strong demand for our newly redesigned MacBook Pro powered by M1. Despite supply constraints, we are one year into our transition to Apple silicon, and already the vast majority of our Mac sales are from M1 powered devices, which helped drive a record number of upgraders during the December quarter. Our momentum in this category is very impressive, as the last six quarters have been the best six quarters ever for Mac.The new M1 powered Mac lineup has quickly become the preferred choice of Macs among enterprise customers. Shopify, for example, is upgrading its entire global workforce to M1 powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. By standardizing on M1 Macs, Shopify continues its commitment to providing the best tools to help its employees work productively and securely from anywhere. And the Lloyd Consulting is expanding the deployment of the Mac Employee Choice program, including offering the new M1 MacBook Pro to empower their professionals to choose devices that work best for them in delivering consulting services.

In a response to Shannon Cross from Cross Research, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that customer satisfaction with the Mac is "off the charts" and that they are "not limiting ourselves" when it comes to expanding the markets that the Mac gets into.

Yeah. Shannon, thank you for the question. Macs set an all time revenue record at 10.9 billion for the quarter. That was up 25%. And as you point out, the last six quarters for the Mac have been the top six revenue quarters of all time. And what's further very good about this is we set all time revenue records in America, in Europe and the rest of Asia Pacific, and we set a December quarter record in greater China. And so it's not narrowed to a particular geographic area that we're doing well in. It's almost across the board. The response is very much because of M1. And we got even more response with the MacBook Pro that we launched during the Q1 time frame. Both the upgraders, which we had a record number of upgrades for the December quarter, but also in markets like China, 6 out of 10 are to people new to the Mac and powered by both upgraders and switchers. Customer satisfaction is off the charts. And so what I see this as is a product that will be very successful in a number of different markets, from education to business to the creative industry and in all geographic markets. We're not limiting ourselves.

You can read everything that was said on today's earnings call with out coverage of the call transcript.

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