Ipad Pro App Store Update ScreenSource: Oliver Haslam / iMore

What you need to know

  • Last week some users were unable to launch iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Apple is now re-releasing a ton of App Store app updates.
  • It's likely this is to fix a bug somewhere.

There's a good chance you opened the App Store and were faced with lots of updates today, after Apple re-released many of them overnight. I found 32 apps awaiting updates on my iPhone and 16 on my iPad. Some reported seeing even more.

It isn't confirmed why this has happened but it's likely related to last week's issue that saw some people unable to open apps on iPhones and iPads. They received an error that claimed the app was no longer shared with them, suggesting some sort of authentication or signing error might have been afoot.

If that is indeed the case this re-releasing of updates makes sense. It's possible apps that were released within a certain timeframe were all affected – that might also explain why deleting and reinstalling the app also seemed to fix the issue for the majority of those affected.

Haven't ventured into the App Store yet today? It's probably worth waiting until you're on a decent Wi-Fi connection before you do!