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What you need to know

  • Apple's refreshed iPad mini gains an additional gigabyte of RAM.
  • New iPad minis ship with 4GB of RAM, rather than the 3GB found in previous models.
  • The new iPad mini now has the same amount of RAM as the iPad Air.

Apple's newly announced and refreshed iPad mini has a secret — it packs more RAM than any other iPad mini that came before it.

As discovered by MacRumors after digging into an Xcode beta, the new iPad mini has gained an additional gigabyte of RAM — it now has 4GB on tap rather than the 3GB that came in previous models.

For comparison, the latest iPad Air also has 4GB of RAM, while high-end iPad Pro models have as much as 16GB of RAM.

As the report notes, it's likely we will need to wait for a teardown or regulatory filing to be 100% sure of the extra gigabyte, but this method of spelunking into Xcode betas did confirm the amount of RAM last year's iPhone 12 had to offer, too.

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The new iPad mini is now available for pre-order and will be available to buy next Friday, September 24. That's also the same day that Apple will make iPhone 13 and the refreshed iPad available for purchase. All of the new products were announced during Apple's recent California Streaming event, although there was disappointment to be had. Apple also announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 and it looks nothing like the leaks we'd seen beforehand.

That aside, Apple announced what is now the best iPhone ever alongside one of the best iPads ever. You can't really complain at that for a day's work.

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