Daily Tip: How to move multiple apps at once [Jailbreak]

Trying to rearrange one of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad home screens and curious how to move multiple apps around at once? Well, if you're Jailbroken, you can! Multiiconmove allows you to move multiple icons so you can get your home screen exactly how you want it, as fast as possible. We'll show you how after the break

Multiiconmover cuts your time down by letting you move multiple icons at one time. It's available from Cydia for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

  1. Launch Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone
  2. Search for Multiiconmover
  3. Download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, there will be no app icon on your springboard, it automatically goes into action.

How to use

  1. First, hold down an icon like you were going to move them.
  1. Once the icons start jiggling, tap the icons you would like to move
  2. Drag one of the icons you would like to move to the spot that you want. Note, you must have enough room on the page for all the icons you have selected to move.
  3. Once your icon is where you want it, tap the home button and you will see all the icons you've selected move to the location you wanted.

Did you like this app? Did it help you cut your time down when moving icons around on your springboard? Let us know in the comments.

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  • You guys should launch a second jailbreak site, and keep this site for Team Pure. I'm tired of reading about jailbreak all the time. I did it. It was irritating. I revirginized. Not going back. Team Pure for life.
  • Story of my life.
  • Quit being a damn baby and move to the next post if you don't want these tips.
  • Complain elsewhere where the administration actually gives a crap..
  • Well you kinda have a choice on what post to read as they are all clearly labeled amirite? Just avoid all posts with the word Jailbreak and Cydia.
  • I agree with Eric. Those on Team Pure should at least be warned in the headlines that the tip is for jail breakers. Even a designation of "JB" in the title would help.
  • Almost everything Jailbreak we post has [Jailbreak] at the end of the headline. We like to mix it up. We think it's important for everyone to see alternatives. We all already know what we know, after all. The excitement is seeing what other people are up to.
    Silos make me sad :)
  • Rene, I do like seeing what is available for Jailbreakers. I have an open mind and someday may abandon Team Pure for Team Jailbreak. I can't remember how I came to this article (I thought it was from Twitter but I was mistaken) but Jailbreak was missing in the title wherever I came from. Perhaps my disappointment in realizing this function is reserved for Jailbreakers is an indication of my desire to switch teams?
  • Automated Twitter posting is a continual challenge and disappointment, sorry about that!
  • No problem, I'm still a diehard TiPb fan! :-)
  • Are you guys and gals stupid it clearly says (jailbreak)!!! Team down and dirty jailbreak! LOL
  • I came here via a tweet that didn't mention Jailbreak in the title.
  • An once you got here was it a big hassle to close the page
  • Love the jailbreak post. Keep them coming. Been running jailbreaks since 1.0 on iphone 2g. Keep them coming even if I know everything.
  • Can we maybe take it easy on the Jailbreak tips...? For those of us (I assume the majority) that aren't jailbroken (#TeamPure for life) it would be nice to get some more regular tips from time to time. I think Eric actually had a good idea. Separate Pure and Jailbreak sites would be cool, but could we maybe just tone this down a bit, I'm getting tired of seeing this shoved in my face all the time.
  • sweet jesus.. you do know you have a choice to read this or not.. don't you??
  • No joke holy crap first of all it says [Jailbreak] at the end and second if you don't want to read it DON'T jesus age christ!
  • ^^ Indeed. Everything jailbreak has a [jailbreak] tag on the end of the title. Just skip over it.
  • I am not down with the term Team Pure , it's as if to say there cleaner or better than thou when in reality there a bunch of sheep that can't take the bull by the horn and take there device to the next level ! Team Sheep is more accurate/appropriate ..... BAAAAAAAAAH
  • Or maybe they just prefer it that way...
  • Maybe I'm just lucky but no one is holding a gun to my head forcing me to read every article, if you don't want to read about jailbreak stuff than don't, I mean it says jailbreak in the title
  • "Maybe I’m just lucky but no one is holding a gun to my head forcing me to read every article, if you don’t want to read about jailbreak stuff than don’t, I mean it says jailbreak in the title"
    Straight up. Freedom of Press if you don't want to read it go onto the next post. Don't waste your time commenting and complaining on a jailbreak post when frankly your opinions aren't even going to be taken into consideration. And as for you idiots that think tipb would actually go through the trouble to create a whole new website because you lack the logistic knowledge to operate a jailbroken device, keep dreaming you virtual virgins.
  • Nice tweet. Too bad it doesn't work on the lock info home screen. Now I have to move this 12 blanks icon and 4 apps one by one each time my screen get screw up
  • I've a feeling you could go in depth about what jailbreaking can offer you and detail a top 10 list and a lot of these people wouldn't budge. Yet, the funny part is that they're all over a minor 4.x.x update.
    Or if Apple offered multiicon functionality in an update, it'd be big news.
  • Also, try FolderEnhancer along with this app. The combo works well.
  • How did you get it to work with FolderEnhancer? I went through and selected 20 apps and tried to drag them into my "apps" folder but only the app that I dragged into the folder went into the folder.....
  • You don't need to drag any of them. Just select, then go to the page or folder you want and press the home button.
    The video shows dragging an app. Not nessecary.
  • This is why i believe that people who use Twitter, are Twits! I won't say what i call people who use Facebook. Once again, too much info going out to too many people. One wrong click, and everyone knows your business, including the bad guys! This is why we have an e-mail system. One on one is much more secure.
  • Team Pure? Who in their right mind would know about jailbreaking and still refuse to jailbrek their device... are you crazy!?
  • Hey this is pretty cool but it be cool it u could move into a folder... Or maybe I didn't do it right
  • Keep up the news regarding jailbreaking, the more info we have about everything the better.
  • This app is fantastic! Thanks for the tip.
    You don't have to drag the app to the new page, just go to the new page, hit the home button and the apps appear there.
    Insanely great!
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