Is the App Store down?: iPhone and Mac users report outage

App Store Sessions August 2022
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Apple's App Store is down, as Down Detector reports that users are seeing issues with the service. Users report that service is down not only on iPhone but on Mac computers and iPads as well. The service we have also been unable to install apps from the App Store, having tried on all platforms.

In our experience, the App Store makes it past the initial install steps but then stops after the download roundel appears. This freezes in place, not showing any download or install progress. The App Store also struggles to load cards on the home screen of the store, taking much longer than normal.

Apple app store down

(Image credit: DownDetector)

No downloads for you

Users can enter the App Store, it appears, but can't download anything. Twitter users report that they cannot download apps on what appears to be any device. That includes the iOS App Store, the MacOS App store, and the iPadOS App Store.

The App Store does go down on occasion, but it is rare. This outage has been reported now for around an hour, with a growing number of users unable to download and install apps. The App Store Twitter account is yet to say anything about the outage, although the Apple Support account is replying to users with requests for DMs.

There have been a number of outages this year, although this is the first time the Apple App Store has gone down. The most recent was Twitter, which left users unable to see any new tweets on their for you and following timelines. 

It's unlikely to have affected the App Store, but this comes after Apple has lost swathes of its executive staff, and implemented a hiring freeze, presumably in some effort to save money.

We will keep you updated on the situation as it changes, and when the App Store comes back online.

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