This is the ChatGPT iPhone shortcut you've been waiting for

S-GPT screenshots on four iPhones
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A new shortcut aims to take the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT and put it front and center on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch via the power of Apple's Shortcuts app.

There are plenty of ways to use ChatGPT on your Apple devices whether they're dedicated apps or the OpenAI website, but Federico Viticci has taken matters into his own hands and created what might just be his best shortcut yet.

Enter S-GPT, an advanced shortcut that not only lets you talk to ChatGPT but also integrates it into your own shortcuts as well.

Putting Siri to shame

MacStories and Viticci in particular have long been deep into shortcuts and what they can do so it was no surprise when he was the one to release S-GPT. And the results are just as impressive as you might have expected.

"At a high level, S-GPT is a shortcut that lets you ask ChatGPT questions from an input box on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac; answers are returned by ChatGPT and displayed in an alert on your devices," the MacStories post explains. "You can ask whatever you want, wait a couple of seconds, and get a response back from the assistant."

But while you can only ask ChatGPT questions and give it basic commands on the web, things are different here because S-GPT can hook into other apps. One example includes sharing a webpage with S-GPT via the share sheet and having it summarize its contents. You can even have S-GPT look at your schedule in the Calendar app and then tell you how busy you'll be.

There's more, too. Want ChatGPT to create an Apple Music playlist? "Try asking 'Make me a playlist with 10 emo songs from the late 2000s' or 'I want a playlist with the top 15 songs by the members of Boygenius, Viticci suggests.

This is all of course well beyond anything Siri can do, whether you're using the best iPhone of the lot or an aging iPhone 6s. And it's pretty stunning even before you consider integrating S-GPT with your own workflows, making this another great way to replace Siri with ChatGPT

You can download the S-GPT shortcut for free, but you'll have to sign up and agree to pay OpenAI for your API access, unfortunately. Thankfully it shouldn't cost too much — Viticci said he'd been using S-GPT extensively for a month and spent just $1.50.

Oliver Haslam

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