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What you need to know

  • AppSwitcher hides everything except the active app and your wallpaper.
  • The app is best used when sharing your screen so everyone can focus on the app you're trying to show.

A new app fixes a problem that a lot of people might not realize they have, but will do once they see what it does. AppSwitcher does just one thing — it hides everything except your currently active app and the desktop wallpaper behind it.

At first, you might wonder why that's something anyone would need. But imagine this — you're doing a presentation and showing people slides in Keynote. Then, you need to switch to another app but doing so means either Keynote stays open behind it, or you end up showing people the mess that is your particular brand of window management. With AppSwitcher, changing apps will instantly hide everything else so nobody ever has to see the clutter.

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Check out this video to see what I'm getting at, and you'll understand why this could be a lifesaver for those who share their screens with others.

Pretty cool, right? AppSwitcher is a simple app but it does what it needs to, and it does it well. You can download AppSwitcher from the App Store right now and it's priced at just $2.99.

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