Best answer: Yes, they are. Phones bought through Visible come unlocked, fresh out the box. All phones are shipped with a SIM card along with instructions to activate by way of an email.

  • Visible service: Visible ($40/month at Visible)
  • Unlocked iPhone: iPhone XS ($999 at Apple)

What is Visible, and why is special?

Visible is a prepaid service offered through Verizon. Its main target is millennials and folks who don't want to deal with a postpaid experience through carriers. Visible doesn't charge taxes and fees; instead it offers an all in one price at $40/month, which includes unlimited talk, text, and data (capped at 5Mbps).

What makes Visible special is it doesn't have physical stores, and it relies heavily on its mobile app. Like other carriers, the app handles billing and customer service, while also giving you the option to pay your bill using a credit or debit card. What's even cooler about Visible when it comes to payments is it gives you the choice to use either PayPal or Venmo. Both options are better to use for security purposes.

Can I bring my own iPhone?

Absolutely! If you don't want to buy an iPhone through Visible, then you can bring your own. The carrier supports Apple's most recent iPhones on its network. Surely the prepaid carrier will more than likely carry and support the upcoming generation of iPhone sometime after Apple's September 10th event.

After you sign up, a SIM card will be shipped to your address as soon as the next business day. Unfortunately, for those of you who'd rather not use a physical SIM, Visible does not support eSIM for the iPhone now.

All in one


Solid service at an affordable price.

Visible is one of the best low-cost carrier options on the market. It's $40/month for unlimited talk, text, and data with no extra taxes or fees makes it a hard deal to pass up. Not to mention, you also get free hotspot access using Verizon's LTE network.

Works great with Visible

Apple iPhone XR

One of Visible's best phones.

Visible is still a relatively new company, so there's plenty of room for growth. That said, the iPhone XR is one of the best devices that work with the service right now. The iPhone XR has a very dependable battery life, colors, and a solid camera.

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