Blass Homepod Mini WhiteSource: Evan Blass

What you need to know

  • The rumored HomePod mini appears to be real.
  • New images have appeared online that claim to show the speaker in Space Gray and White.
  • There's no scale for size, but they're definitely...round.

If you were hoping that the rumored HomePod mini would roll off your desk like a Mac Pro on wheels, you're in luck. If these images courtesy of Evan Blass are accurate, the HomePod mini is going to be round. Really round.

There's no indication as to exactly how large or small these things are – there's nothing for scale in the images – but I can't imagine they are going to be very big at all. They're rumored to sell for just $99 each as well, suggesting picking up a pair for stereo audio might be something people do. Certainly much more than they did with the $350 HomePod!

Blass Homepod Mini Space GraySource: Evan Blass

I can't say I dislike the look too much, but I'm more concerned about the size than the shape of HomePod mini. It isn't clear whether the finish is cloth, like HomePod, or plastic, either.

Maybe we're going to have to wait for Apple to actually announce these things later today if we want to know the ins and outs!