Swift Playgrounds for the iPad is Apple's app that is designed to help kids (or really anyone) learn how to code. It's been an incredible education tool for many, and its live view of what your code is doing, up to, and including, animation and interactive 3D models makes coding much more visually exciting.

Apple announced that AR support (using ARKit) is coming to Swift Playgrounds! Not only will kids be able to see 3D models of Byte (the character that the code manipulates) but they will also be able to use the iPad camera to showcase Byte's virtual world within the real world.

This will not only allow users to experience their code in 3D but also learn how to code AR apps, hopefully helping a younger generation become the next leading AR developers in the world.

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AR in the classroom

Apple also touted a few different AR apps that are specifically designed to be used for the education sector.

Boulevard AR: An art history app that allows you to view paintings and other works of famous art right in the classroom. You can even walk right up to the piece and see the individual brush strokes. The app isn't available yet, and Apple didn't announce a release date.

Free Rivers: An AR app developed by World WildLife Fund that allows students to see a whole landscape with a flowing river. The app even shows what happens when you build dams on the river in the wrong spot, causing vegetation to die and the river to divert in a new direction. The app isn't available yet, and Apple didn't announce a release date.

Froggipedia: Did you have to dissect a frog in school when you were a kid? Good news, your kids may be able to do it virtually! Froggipedia allows kids to see the inner-workings of a frogs body and even dissect them with the Apple Pencil! It's pretty cool! The app isn't available yet, and Apple didn't announce a release date.

We'll be updating you on everything we learn about AR support for Swift Playgrounds as we find out more.

Are you excited about AR coming to Swift Playgrounds?

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