Experienced iPad Pro users know that Astropad Studio is one of the best drawing apps you can download on the iPad Pro.

Today, Astropad Studio got an update that's all about speed, so you can draw better and faster without any headaches.

What's new?

The newest update (version 1.9) didn't change the design of the app in any way but rather focused on making Astropad Studio run smoother. Here's a quick breakdown of the changes.

Image Quality Enhancements: The developers claim that the newest version of AstroPad Studio offers up to 4x improved image quality for low-bandwidth network conditions. This should make it easier for the app to run smoothly even if your Wi-Fi isn't up to snuff.

Coldstart: Astropad's Liquid Engine now accelerates to full speed over a Wi-Fi network two or three times faster, meaning launching the app shouldn't make you wait as long.

As with most updates, the developers added some general improvements and bug fixes to the app, that are unspecified.

What do you think of the new update?

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