ASUS ZenScreen review: Double desktops on the go

Every single MrMobile video you've ever seen has been built on a notebook computer. I live on laptops, and I can't ever see myself ditching 'em for a desktop. But occasionally, I would like a little more screen space -- and that's where the ASUS ZenScreen comes in.

It's a 15.6" IPS monitor built to be super-portable, with no battery or even power adapter to deal with (it gets all the power it needs from its lone USB-C port). If you're thinking there are probably some serious sacrifices involved in a product like that, you're right – but it still might be just the thing you need to take your dual desktop workflow on the go. Check out the MrMobile review of the ASUS ZenScreen, and when you're done, check out Daniel Rubino's review at Windows Central.

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