There are more lawsuits about substandard iPhone 3G reception on AT&T than you can shake an accelerometer at, and as we mentioned the other day, blog-star Om Malik has just publicly broken up with his iPhone 3G due to what he considers to be lousy reception on AT&T. (He tried a BlackBerry on AT&T as well and had the same problems, so he clearly blames the network).

Are these just nuisance suits and link-bait? Does San Francisco suffer more than anywhere else? Do all networks have lousy reception for someone somewhere? Or is AT&T really the weakest link in the iPhone 3G value prop?

How's your reception on AT&T? Is it making you re-consider being an iPhone 3G owner? And if you're on another network, Rogers, O2, Orange, etc., do you have problems, or is it just the US?