AT&T MMS Already Working on iPhone 3.1 Beta 3, or Just Testing?

AT&T is promising MMS on September 25, along with a software update to enable it. Sounds like iPhone 3.1 to us. Show it off at the September 9 Music Event along with the third generation iPod touch, then release it a couple weeks later to coincide with MMS?

WhenWillApple reports that AT&T MMS is already working for them in Florida under iPhone 3.1 Beta 3. and while it might just be another random network test, could it also be a sign of what's to come?

Anyone else rocking AT&T MMS on iPhone 3.1 Beta 3? Say where and when in the comments!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Hey ive had mms for awhile in florida anyone wants hit me up on aim liontamer34 ill try and help ya best i can
  • I don't even kno how to get the beta... How do u do it?
  • i tried sending an mms and im in virginia. i dont have beta 3.1 but i do have the updated carrier files so i have the option to send mms but it wont send. :(
  • Don't know if it's working in the beta but it's about time AT&T releases this because other carriers have had MMS on the iPhone for a few months now. And AT&T is supposed to be the best.
  • i got a few out on att philly
  • Update the god..
  • It don't work in NYC
  • Tried some of the 'fixes' I've seen on the blogosphere and it don't work in DC neither.
  • In Orange Co. CA on 3.1 beta 3 not working yet...
  • How do you know if you can send them or not? Any ideas?
  • How do you get to beta test?
  • I've had it working on 3.1 beta 3 in Oregon since I loaded it on
  • "...along with a software update to enable it. Sounds like iPhone 3.1 to us."
    Doesn't it just need an updated carrier file and not a new firmware? I mean, In the rest of the world, MMS is already working on 3.0.
  • I've had beta 3 for a while now and mms has been working with 3.1 beta 3 from day 1 and I'm in Miami
  • how do u get beta 3?
  • Working here in Baton Rouge, LA with iPhone os 3.1 beta 3
  • 3.1 has nothig to do with it. It's the carrier file that comes along with it that enables mms.
  • @ Nick! How did you get the beta I'm in Miami too. I feel like I'm missing out lol.
  • Doesn't work in Newport news, va! How do get that carrier file!
  • Not working for me in MS. Running 3.1 beta 3.
  • ...and I have the AT&T 5.0 carrier file as well
  • I have AT&T carrier file 4.5
  • My mms has been working for a month now on 3.1 beta 3 works in Dallas Texas as well as orange county California where I am currently vacationing
  • @Nealwinter have you updated your carrier profile to 5.0?
  • Not working down here in South Texas..(McAllen ,Texas) :(
  • Not working in Seattle (carrier file 4.5). BTW, the carrier file defines whether or not the MMS UI shows up on the iPhone, but not whether or not the carrier chooses to forward the MMS messages. I have the UI, but AT&T bounces them back when I try and send. My understanding is that, if I were to go to the AT&T website and tell them I had a different kind of phone (say a HTC Tilt), MMS would miraculously start working.
  • Sept 25. AT&T said "late summer" but meant "to late for summer".
  • I have 3.0.1, but with the modified carrier file for MMS. I can't send MMS, nor receive it. I'm in southern Louisiana. (Abbeville)
  • @Ferniem27
    Nothing works down here in South Texas.
  • Erie PA, I'm on 3.1 b3, no go on MMS. I'm personally guessing 3.1 will have a release before public still, and that's where my hope is now.
  • I am using beta 3 and I live in Texas. Mms worked one night for 15 minutes. Didn't work before and hasn't worked since. Wasn't there a trick to get it to work with the 3.0 betas
  • To answer most people's comments about 3.1 beta 3: You need to get the developer's SDK for the iPhone.
    I think an update for MMS is a big "duh" because it involves UI changes to the messages app. Btw if the update is 3.1 it has to have more than MMS because in other countries MMS works fine under 3.0.X (the "X" there represents a number that I don't know if others countries have for their iPhone's version)
  • Nope never touched my carrier settings I bought a new 3gs after I was on a 3g with beta 3 on it I upgraded to a 3gs and mms worked as soon as I put the beta on it
  • I just tried in NC.. no go on beta 3.. still does the hang at the end...
  • I have had it working for about 5 months. Since the beta for 3.0. U need the updated carrier file, then u need ATT to flip the switch for u. U can call and sweet talk them or try and trick them via the website by saying you have a different phone.
  • Well i do know this i had my other iphone 3g that broke working with MMS by installing the Att 5.0 carrier file. When my phone broke and recieved a new one i installed the carrier file. Now it doesn't work at all but if i install my wifes sim card it works so i would say yes this does work right now its if your account has MMS enabled on ATT's side.
  • I also have the family texting plan which by default includes mms. The inidivdual iPhone texting plans specifically block mms on AT&T side. So that plan along with the updated carrier file will enable mms even on 3.0.
  • Is it possible for someone to upload the carrier file from the beta so that this can be checked? I don't wish to install the beta, but would like the carrier file from it.
  • Been using an updated carrier file on 3.0.1 for a while now works like a charm I had to put my sim into a non iPhone and send an mms to activate it on my account put sim back in iPhone and it worked like a charm
  • No go for MMS in Priceton NJ. I have 3.1 beta 3 and no MMS. I have the camera icon but get an error when I send an MMS
  • @Nealwinter
    Interesting, I'm also in Dallas, but my 3GS with 3.1b3 goes through the motions of sending a pic, progress bar stalls just before the end, and finally gives up and puts an ? beside the attempted message, which when tapped announces an error and suggests you try again.
  • ... puts a '!' beside the message. Apparently emoticons don't display properly here.
  • Working for me in MD with 3.1b3
  • @Druce:
    Try again. There was a 1 AM total data failure in Seattle area the morning of Sept 4th, lasting about an hour.
    Maybe they were adjusting something.
    First noticed my phone generating the Edge chatter from my computer speakers. Picked it up and noticed no 3G. Was stuck on Edge. Then after a while it showed bars, but no Edge, no gprs, nothing. I could call, but I could not connect to the net at all.
  • It's so sad that all of the millions of iPhone customers in the US with AT&T have been paying for this SIMPLE service, and we're all still holding our breath for the once-again delayed update while still waiting for it to START working. The HTC Hero is starting to look preeeetty good right now.
  • @icebike I noticed that too, Im south more in Lakeview. for a few more weeks. I noticed the Edge like 11PM. Woke up in the morning and we were back to 3G. I thought the same thing. They were switching on MMS for the big day. :P
    check me out
  • my mms on my iphone 3gs 3.1 has been working for the past two days
  • Mms is working on mine 3.1 beta 3 with AT&T 5.0 and my fiancé 3.0 with AT&T 5.0. In Baltimore Maryland
  • Works Here In Nashville on 3.1 beta. Yet Im On The Family Messaging Plan So That Could Have Something To Do With It.
  • it works for me but only when i take the sim car out of a nother phone and put it in my iphone. thats till i restart my iphone then att figures out that the phone im using with that sim card is an iphone
  • working here in clarksburg, west virginia...jailbroken, os 3.0, att 5.0, family messaging other mods, sim swaps, etc. yee-ha!
  • here in South florida MMS is working with 3.1 beautifully
  • my mms is been working for a while in new orleans alot people banging there heads on the wall to get theirs working here i have no clue why mine is
  • MMS working in upstate SC and parts of GA for about a week. Wife's 3G and my 3GS both have the 3.0.1 OS, and the 5.0 carrier update. Pics, contacts, voice, and video (3GS) all sent & received. 'Bout damn time.
  • its a go in Albuquerque 3.1 beta 3, and 4.5 carrier file, videos when recieved come out in bad quality, but pics are excellent.
  • iPhone OS 3.1 available on iTunes for download. Also installs the 5.0 carrier update. But, still no MMS!! (in Alaska).
  • Oh, and in case you didn't get the news from the Apple Conference this morning, iTunes 9 will be available today also. I haven't got it yet.
  • Looks like AT&T has taken the block for mms off of some accounts I tried it again today after I installed OS 3.1 and I sent and recieved just fine
  • MMS is working on my NYC number in Los Angeles today
  • I'm in Tennessee and my MMS is not working yet.
  • I'm using 3.1 b3 living in upstate SC and my MMS has been working for the past 5 days. It's not the 3.1 OS that allows it, it's the 5.0 carrier file. My wife's is working with 3.0 OS and 5.0 carrier file. We have the family texting iPhone plan.
  • the little camera icon isnt showing up on my phone and i have the update from att and the 3.1 update. what do i do to make this show up?
  • Downloaded 3.1 and 5.0 carrier and still NO MMS (in Oregon)
  • I just downloaded and installed 3.1 but I don't have MMS enabled. Do I have to turn it on in settings somewhere? What is this 5.0 Carrier file? Where can I get it
  • i have ATT MMS just started working today and yes i do have the beta version
  • I just downloaded the 3.1 version today, and the mms is still not working. Anyone help?
  • Does anyone know where to get the AT&T 5.1 update? I've heard that has the WAP push to enable mms capability. I'm in Illinois, and still don't have mms.
  • i'm in san diego. have the beta and it's working. some have said the 3.1 release to the public took out the mms option
  • People from MD how did you get it to work. I mistakenly upgraded to 3.1 but it still doesn't work and I have 5.0. I also noticed that the typing sounds sometimes goes in and out. Anybody with problems like that?
  • Hi there
    mms its working on 3 gs 3.0.1 this is a jailbreack iphone. I enabled it by download mms and tethering from. Cydia
    I from Virginia
  • Milwaukee, WI - MMS not working. OS 3.1 installed with ATT 5.0. Wonderful...
  • Is another OS update expected by Apple to accommodate the 9/25 availability of MMS by ATT?
  • Confirmed, I put the old firmware from a few months ago that had MMS enabled on my phone. It didn't work for a while when ATT fixed their system to not allow it, but today I tried it, and it works. Very sweet.
  • I downloaded 3.1 and it also installed att 5.0. Still no mms in IN. I guess I have to wait till the 25th.
  • For those that don't have mms yet, download the AT&T 5.1 software. It enables the wap push that AT&T refuses to activate until the 25th. If I was Apple I'd have a shouting match with AT&T about all this, it's giving the iPhone a real bad name.
  • Steve, you say download the AT&T 5.1 carrier file but you don't specify where to get this from. Can you provide a link or URL where we can get this?
  • Miami, FL. 3GS, OS 3.1, 5.0 carrier -- No MMS. Not even an option in the Messages settings (or elsewhere) to switch on MMS.
  • were do I get that 5.0 from, my 3gs isnt working
  • East Tennessee, 3G, 3.1, 5.1 carrier, single plan but had ATT switch to normal txt plan with SMS/MMS
    -currently not working
    That being said a buddy has...
    East Tennessee, 3G & 3GS, 3.1, 5.1 carrier, family plan
    I think it may be working for those on family plans currently.
  • Guys the problem is with AT&T trying to get MMS to work in the U.S. before Sept. 25. They are testing and getting there network ready to handle MMS but there is a long road ahead of head aches with it having bugs and glitches it now looks like it will be this winter before they get it right. You can’t receive MMS on your i Phones because AT&T has port 1010 blocked. That’s why i have been using Send MMS and View MMS from Check it out its $1.99 to download each app but you will be able to send and receive MMS to other i phones not just other phones.
  • @Sinister1 - Here i fixed it for you....
    Guys the problem is with AT&T trying to get MMS to work in the U.S. before Sept. 25. They are testing and getting there network ready to handle MMS but there is a long road ahead of head aches with it having bugs and glitches it now looks like it will be this winter before they get it right. You can’t receive MMS on your i Phones because AT&T has port 1010 blocked(left this in here for a good chuckle). That’s why i suck at life.
  • I just bought a 3g that is reset to facory specs, i am looking to jailbreak and unlock it but i am unable to access the inner workings of the phone because it is asking for the att simcard. What are my options?
  • I did not mention that i do not have the sim card for it....
  • Kev you can chuckle on these nuts.
  • I just updated my 3gs to 3.1 last night and I do not have mms. I live In Orlando fla. Why's that? I hear people and see videos of the mms being in use.
  • getting tired of waiting for mms. we were told late summer, sept 25, well when
  • So in 5 more days we should have the update. Hopefully.
  • I'm in Tampa, FL... MMS worked on Beta 3. On Friday night, Apple disabled beta 3 and I was forced to update to 3.1 GM. MMS has not worked since. I think it was a beta test. Luckily, only 4 days to go!
  • Can't Wait. It was about damn time for the mms to be up on iPhone. 3gs this 3gs that without mms. Cum on. Better be out on the day because if not I'll sell my 32g to the first byer and switch company.
  • Two issues here...
    you need at LEAST 3.0 firmware on your device, and it has to be unlocked, this is the only way that I know of to get it working.
    Use cydia to get your carrier settings, or manually add them in your settings on your phone.
    i have tmobile, 1st gen iphone with 3.1 and my MMS has been working since 3.0.
    its pretty sad that at&t charges so much for crappy service. go to tmobile and unlock your phone, you'll be glad you did
  • I just updated my iPhone to the the new 3.1 software update and my phone doesn't even have the MMS option. Anybody with the sane problem?
  • Brennon, I am having the same issue. There is no option in the settings and the camera icon that used to be in the's gone.
  • Now have 3.1 but no MMS till the 25th I guess. AT&T better get it together soon...people are tired of second rate service for a premium cost!
  • 3 More Days.....
  • I downloaded the mms( not sure if beta or not) but I have noticed that I can only send it to another Iphone user. I can not send to someone who does not have ATT??? is that going to be the case when ATT rolls mms out? I surley hope not as that will defeat the purpose. For anyone who would just can't wait and wants it know, there is a step by step tutorial on you tubs
  • oh yeah and your phone does not have to be jailbroken to get MMS. the tutorial is for pc or mac..
  • I have updated my Iphone and still can't send or receive mms. Att Sucks and I hope the Verizon gets the iphone soon!!!
  • 3.1 update complete in So. Cal....No mms, no "camera" in lower left in messageing, getting tired of this crap.
  • Working mms in Hawthorne,CA... Jailbreaked and running 3.0.1 on a 3GS... ;)
  • Turn phone off and restart. Functions will work then.
  • I'm also very PO-ed. Got a txt from at&t saying to update the phone for mms. and i update it all night and nope. there is no mms. and the worse part is everytime i sync all my apps disappear.
    my day has started and now its ruined.
  • Finally we have this feature, have not tried it with a different phone, but works iphone to iphone and i believe the iphone you're sending pictures to needs to have the updated. if you just updated your iphone make sure to restart the phone...