AT&T Posts iPhone 3G S Info Video

AT&T (via Macrumors) has posted the above video in hopes of clarifying how customers, new and existing, can get a brand new iPhone 3G S come next Friday:

On launch day (June 19th), two lines will form at 7 a.m. local time at the AT&T retail stores. Customers who had pre-ordered from retail stores will be able to pick up their iPhone 3GSs at that time, while customers who wish to purchase that day will have to wait until the store opens at normal business hours.

Pricing is still $199/$299 for 16GB/32GB on new activations with full subsidies. Customers already under contract, having already received subsidies last time around, can expect to pay up to $599/$699 (though some discounts might bring that down a tad).

So, does the video help answer your questions, if not allay your frustrations?

Rene Ritchie

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  • What the hell happened to his neck?
    Kids, this is why your mom told you to sit up straight!
  • I wish they would stop calling their no-contract option a "No commitment". You are still committed to ATT.
  • AT&T still sucks no mms and no tethering. And I don't get a 3g signal at my house and AT&T still hasn't released their femtocell.
  • Sadly I do not think there will be hours and hours of waiting for an iPhone like there was upon the 3G launch. There is nothing different from the 3G that will drive me towards the 3GS.
    Video = Jailbreak (solved)
    Nike + = I don't run
    Compass = waist of time and money to include this
    Improved battery life = Not by much but I'll continue to use my Mophie juicepack air
    7.2 HSPA = Very good feature but this alone does not justify a switch
    3MP camera = Nothing special, still carry around a real camera
  • waist of time
    Chris, you don't sound old enough to know what a "waist of time" is.
  • Why would you do this. You can pre order from apple and receive it on the 19th
  • Soo weak.. At&t should be ashamed.. just awful, didn't answer the most pertinent questions. Where is the nearest VZW store?
  • Personally, I think the iPhone 3GS looks very nice indeed. A much better camera and video were high on my list of wants. Faster app launching/switching and browser speed should make the phone feel super snappy, and improved battery life is always welcome. I will use voice-control A LOT, and the compass app will enhance Google Maps and all the other 3rd party apps that will take advantage of it.
    I'm eligible for the standard upgrade at the end of July, and until then there's iPhone 3.0. software upgrade to look forward to.
    If it doesn't rock your boat, that's fine. Skip this generation - like many 2G owners did - and get the next one. You've not been cheated - you're getting a whole lot of 3.0 goodness for free with the software update.
  • scum bags. If they made this phone $300 for people who bought 3g phones they could lock us into another two years of our incredibly overpriced plans. Instead we cant upgrade until next december, when we'll be getting close to the end of the iPhone exclusivity.
  • I will wait untill verizon gets the iphone in the next year or two. They have their 3g network where i live which is in a podunk little town, and the closest att 3g network is nearly 70 miles away. All of these other people that upgrade will still be stuck with att and i will laugh when i am on verizon.
  • The guy in the video, What a dweeb.
  • I dont know why Apple hasn't figured out that if they just corisponded the release of the iphone with when everyones contract being renewed it would generate so much more demand and revenue. Say release it every year and a half, or what ever the time limit is for Att qualifing upgrade.
  • I personaly hope the new phone is impossible to jailbreak because then all those people that buy them will be bitching and moaning.
  • @Will:
    I personaly hope the new phone is impossible to jailbreak because then all those people that buy them will be bitching and moaning.
    More rational would be to outlaw the sale of carrier locked phones like is done in some EU countries.
    You can still get a subsidized phone, and you might still have a ETF if you dump the contract, but carriers would have to compete on service and price, rather than a lock-in.
    The carriers like to scare you with having to pay full price for your phone, but that is proven false. You still can buy subsidized phones in no-carrier-lock countries, and you are still obligated by the terms of the contract.
    Its just that they don't have a gun to your head.
  • What a useless video from AT&T. What's the point of 2 seperate lines if they just merge inside the store? What a lame company. Also, from the 3.0 keynote video, AT&T wasn't on board with the new features like tons of other carriers were that they showed, and the crowd just laughed at what a joke ATT is. The presenter had to specify twice that AT&T wasn't on board.
  • lol look at the dude.. head goes left to right like te bar which shows video status XDDDD
  • STOP WHINGING. It's pathetic. You yanks think you've got it bad but in the UK we can't even upgrade!
  • Well I will just stick with my iPhone 3G and my unlocked Nokia E71,AT&T and Apple both need to work on things I do like the 3.0 update but not worth buying 3Gs
  • It sure seems that the AT&T/Apple marriage is destined to end unhappily.
    Not only is there the reality that at some point winning the mobile broadband game comes down to unit coverage (which requires carrier polygamy over monogamy), but AT&T's generally disappointing service and customer care is REALLY starting to weigh on customers contemplating another two years in
    this relationship.
    For more fodder on key takeaways from the keynote, check out my post:
    Apple WWDC Keynote Analysis: Punishing the Wizard, Part Two
  • Man, you would think they would at least hold the camera strait when shooting this video. Oh wait, that guy has Scoliosis. Hahaha.
  • What really blows is that I looked up the price to see if I was eligible to upgrade, and it looks like I'll have to pay $499 instead of $299. F-that. I'll just stick with my 3G for now if that's the case.
  • Apple Fanboys and Fangirls - DO NOT UPGRADE to iPhone 3GS. Wait until the definitive word on Apple partnering with Verizon. If you upgrade now, you will be stuck with AT&T for 2 more years. As great as the iPhone 3GS is, it is not worth supporting AT&T Wait!!!!!
  • That guys left ear must be realy heavy! You're better off getting the Palm Pre. :p
  • I went to an AT&T store today and they said I was eligible for a 3GS upgrade on 7/25, one year after I purchased my 3G. My price options are 199/299. Check with your AT&T's not your contract expiration date, but your upgrade eligibility that counts for pricing with the new 3GS.
  • Apple should just release the iPhone to all carriers, specifically Verizon and T-Mobile.
  • @Mark Sigal:
    Apple WWDC Keynote Analysis: Punishing the Wizard, Part Two
    A well written piece Mark.
    Stay tuned indeed.
  • will then take two steps forward, line 1 will merge with line 2. Be polite, and efficient, or else NO SOUP FOR YOU.
  • Jtz5, if that's the case, then I'll be happy to wait another month to get it. Now to decide whether or not to upgrade to 3.0. I really want to be able to unlock my phone and sell it when/if I upgrade.
  • @ Patrick:
    Why would you do this. You can pre order from apple and receive it on the 19th.
    +1 I don't get why anyone would actually go to ATT to get this phone. Why not just get it shipped for free to your house or pick it up at the apple store? Am i missing something? Anyway, I certainly can't imagine the demand or lines being anywhere close to that of the first two generations.
  • This guy looks like someone that got shoved in a locker in high school.
  • Dear AT&T, you can kiss my 9 (NINE) IPhones good bye! I WILL NOT upgrade NOT ONE with you! I will not even wait until my contract is up. We are currently testing unlocked iphones with other carriers and will move as soon as possible. Apple PLEASE drop AT&T ASAP. I encourage everyone not to buy/upgrade the IPhone because you can bet your IPhone for a BAG Phone that if sales are slow then divorce is near!
  • On June 9th AT&T promised to deliver my soup right to my door! Yesterday they were sorry I was misinformed! My soup won't arrive for up to 14 days. I should have done store pick up! My order is "in progress" along with my sons Bday today :) ......He's getting a plastic apple.