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AT&T's iPhone 3G S Pre-Order Supply Depleted

Once again it seems AT&T's lock down of the iPhone will be paying off in droves. It's only been a few days but yet AT&T has managed to sell each and every single iPhone 3G S that it had stored away for pre-orders. Any unlucky customer who places an order with AT&T after today will sadly have to wait an extra one to two weeks to get their hands on their new iPhone 3G S.

Now keep in mind, if did get your pre-order in on time with AT&T, you will still have to show up at 7:00 am on June 19th to claim your prize. After the pre-orders have been picked up, the remaining stock will go to all of the walk-in customers. Regarding Apple and their supply, there has been no word about their supply so you can try your luck ordering straight from the Apple online store (opens in new tab).

So to all of you who took the pre-order plunge, which route did you travel? AT&T or Apple?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in!]

  • ATT premier order, the day of the announcement, hoping it shows up on the 19th as mentioned when I ordered!
  • Can you imagine the crush if there was not an upgrade penalty?
    I doubt apple could manufacture enough phones in several months to satisfy the upgrade demand, let alone new customers.
    I'm betting almost every 2G iPhone gets replaced this time around.
  • ordered one around 2 today from apple and had it shipped to me hope i get it
  • I reserved mine at the apple store in my town; however I'm so hoping that the stock of those won't automatically go to those who've already paid for their orders and I'll be left in the cold. I'm moving over from a blackberry due to the applications available on the iphone and I thought why not the best to switch than with a new release...I'll be deeply saddened if I can't get my phone on Friday :(
  • Ordered mine from Apple right after the store came up on the 8th.
  • The iPhone as been out for 2 years...are people seriously going to line up and go crazy for every model every year? Doesn't it get old after awhile?
  • people love new shiny things. i ordered mine through AT&T on 6/10 and paid for it then. so luckily im getting one shipped with my name on it waiting for me at the store on the 19th.
  • I ordered mine through AT&T today (new customer) and it was set up as a DELIVERY via FedEx. My receipt says "Pre-orders for iPhone 3G S will ship 7 to 14 days after your order is placed. Orders will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis." I would have picked up in-store if that were an option...Seems I will be getting it later this way...Can anyone shed light on why it was done this way or when I can expect it?
  • sigh iPhone 3G S launches on pay day for me, so I'm simply unable to preorder. If it was coming out a day earlier I'd be waiting 'till Friday, so I'm really hoping that I can get my hands on one on launch day.
    In the past years how long has it taken for AT&T stores to get new phones in once they sold out? Days? Weeks?
  • I've got mine being shipped to my house so no worries for me. I ordered mine on
  • I just order mine today. Hopefully i will get it by fri june 19th
  • @tkd27: I believe it took the AT&T store months after the 3G release to have them in stock for walk ins. My cell died 2 weeks after the 3G release last year, so I ordered an 8GB 3G from the AT&T store. Three week wait they said. The Apple store an hour away got new shipments in every morning, just had to wait in line. I got there 15 minutes before the store opened and was 20th in line. They sold out of the 8GB so I ended up with a 16GB but still good.
  • I was wondering; This will be my first iPhone. I ordered it on after the store came back online June 8th. I did not see an option for pick up at apple or att. I am assuming it is shipping to my house. Which I rather have done than get up early and wait in a line.
    Custom configured
    Ships: Delivers by June 19th
    Still marked as "Not shipped yet"
  • I don't know about AT&T, but this blog entry scared me a bit. I pre-ordered my 3GS through Apple and was supposed to pick it up this Friday. I don't arrive back in town until Friday afternoon, so I was worried that it wouldn't be available. I called my local Apple store and they said I had 30 days to pick it up, so if you are picking it up from an Apple store, there is no need to be there at the crack of dawn.
  • I ordered on the 8th from the Apple online store. Having it shipped to my house. I'm also out of town, and coming home on the 19th... Hope to be here before FedEx arrives.(crossing fingers). Jumping ship from T-Mobile after almost 10 years... Got tired of waiting for a good smart phone.
  • ordered mine 6/10 in the att store suppse to pick it up Friday morning 7am :)
  • pre ordered mine with apple 20 minutes after the keynote lol... gettin it delivered to my house... cant wait
  • If you ordered it from Apple store and have it delivered to your house, how do you activate it? Do you have to go to the ATT or Apple store?
  • So if you RESERVED one on APPLE's website, you selected a store for pick-up and it said to come pick it up FRI morning? Then what? Is it affected by this at all?
  •, if you went through Apple's website and selected an Apple store for pickup, you have 30 days to pick it up.
    Or were you referring to the AT&T store?
  • Did the Apple store reservation for pickup on the 19th, beats waiting for UPS to show up. The manager at the Apple store said they'd have the phone setup and it would take a minute or two to get me going. They invited me to bring my laptop and they'd provide hand holding while I set it up. Seems they're pretty relaxed about it to me.
  • Ordered mine from minutes after the keynote, I got a confirmation email of delivery to my house on the 19th.
    No way did I want the hassle of picking it at the store! I am assuming they will overnight all preordered phones, so we should see them in the morning, im guessing before 10am.
  • Ordered mine the day after the announcement on AT&T's site. I also opted for home delivery. In addition to the standard confirmation email, I just got an email early this morning saying my order is being processed and should arrive on the 19th. Here's hoping the activation system isn't down that day.
  • I ordered my 3g s on 6/9 with a debit card. And they said i can pick it up at 7 am. They said my account wouldn't be charged till the shipping day. I went home looked at my debit and there was a pending charge which was ok. Yesterday when i looked at my account again the pending charge was gone. So i call the store and asked them what was going on they said since i paid with debit card my order will be canceled and i would have to go back up there and reorder it with a credit card. I will be fighting them monday because i dont wanna lose my spot. If i don't get my phone this friday i'll be really mad! Has any one run in to something like this?
  • Ordered mine from Apple the night of the announcement. Chose the direct shipping with 2 day shipping. We'll see.
  • I ordered my through It said " deliver by June 19" We'll see!
  • I looked at what happened last year with my iPhone 3G and decided to go a different way. Last year i pre-ordered through an Apple store in Providence R.I. (because i live in R.I.) But because it was such a hot spot, they gave them all away because of the mass amount of people, and i had to wait almost a month for mine to come in. So this time i waited inside and AT&T store in a small remote location where not allot of traffic happens and pre-ordered it as soon as the WWDC keynote was finished. Hopefully my idea of going to a small remote location pays of this year!
  • in my opinion this is kind of bull @#@!#. How could every single store be out already? I almost kind of don't believe that. There are some stores that are pretty far out in Po Dunk areas.
  • One aspect of this article is incorrect.
    "Now keep in mind, if did get your pre-order in on time with AT&T, you will still have to show up at 7:00 am on June 19th to claim your prize. After the pre-orders have been picked up, the remaining stock will go to all of the walk-in customers. "
    If you pre-order (direct fulfillment) through AT&T, there is NO need to be there at 7 am or even on launch day at all. AT&T has repeatedly stated that those phones have names on them and can be picked up anytime in the following 7 days. No other website made your claim including BGR, so I am not sure where you got that information.
  • baconboy - no, it was for APPLE store pickup. Strangely, though... it was not a purchase, just a "reservation." The email I received confirmed that as well.
    Is this the normal process when "ordering" for in-store APPLE pick-up?
  • I pre-ordered at AT&T sore. Since they are offering free activation (due employee discount).
    That will save me $36 + $26 for 2 lines activation.
  • @Stringbeanie
    Stringbeanie is right... however i am VERY upset with the way ATT is doing things this year... so because i've missed the deadline of their pre order ammount i can't get one through pre order? that's bull crap.
    Now i have to try to find another way to get one on the 19th.
  • ordered mine the night it was available
    but i paid thru debit too
    never got an email confirming date
    but apples website says
    Custom configured
    Ships: Delivers by June 19th
  • When you order directly from Apple you can get it shipped to you for no cost and will receive the iPhone on the 19th. No lines, no waiting, no leaving the comfort of your home. Why is that so hard to understand?
  • @Kevin I just went back to the store they said it will be canceled but i fought them and they will be holding one for me so i can go and pick it up 7 am. Suggestion fallow up with them!
  • Preordered through ATT premier services on 6/11. On 6/12 received a backorder/out-of-stock notice. Not sure whether this is due to some weirdness in my account (a business account) or reflects the status that this phone won't ship until later in the week (technically not in stock until 6/19).
    I should probably call ATT to figure it out, but life is too short to waste it on ATT customer service. Maybe if I have a really slow day....
  • Hey stringbeanie, why dont you wait until late in the afternoon to pick up your phone and then comeback and tell us whether or not you got it? Are you sure enough to do that? I would not chance it but am interested to find out.
  • Ordered 2 over the phone from Apple. Promised they will arrive June 19th
  • Ordered online from Apple on 10th, yesterday status went "prepared for shipping".
  • @BBYM
    I pre-ordered my iPhone on 6/9/09. I also used my debit card, but they told me they were going to run it as credit, becuase they had problems with people being charged twice last year. They said that the money wouldn't not come out until the 19th when the phone was picked up. I had a pending ammount as well on my bankstatement. after reading your post, i decided to go back and check, and like you, that pending ammount is gone. I will make a trip to AT&T tomorrow just to check. I didn't plan to wait in line for the phone, and thats why i decided to pre-order.
  • I pre-ordered mine on the 14th with a debit card and it says on the Apple site "delivers on June 19th." But never got a comfirmation email but my bank account says that the purchase has already been deducted. WTF???
  • I ordered my iPhone 3G S on June 10th. I also ordered a case for it at that same time. A couple days later I noticed a pending charge for the amount of the iPhone and the case. Yesterday I checked my bank account online and it only showed a charge from Apple for the amount of the case; the charge for the iPhone wasn't being shown. I too paid for it with my debit card.
    So now i'm checking out my apple order status and it says that the case was shipped June 11th (the day after purchase) and the iPhone 3G S is prepared for shipment. Delivers by: June 19th.
    So what gives? Why isn't the charge for the phone showing up on my bank account?
  • Chobbs, I'll do one better than that. I will pick it up on Sunday afternoon or Monday. I actually have no choice because I will be out of town until then but I was assured when I ordered that it would be there with my name on it for 1 week. If by some chance, they lied to me,,,I will be patient and order a new one. Hooray Lakers!!!!!
  • It's being shipped to my house! I'll get it friday, so they say. I'd be happy if I even got it Saturday or Monday. Better than waiting in line all night like I did last year.
    They were sold out everywhere for two weeks last year when I waited in line.
  • Mine 32GB iPhone 3Gs has shipped!
    Just got the tracking number from apple. Apparently it is shipping directly from China... Hopefully I will get June 19th as promised by Apple.
    Package Progress:
    -Location: SHENZHEN, CN
    -Date: 6/15/2009
    -Local Time: 12:26 P.M.
    -Description: ORGIN SCAN
  • Got an email this morning that my 3G S is now en route from China!!!
  • JMOE - usually you won't get the charge on your account until a product has actually shipped. The original pending charge for the iphone and case is probably just Apple getting authorization from your bank for the total amount. I think your situation sounds about right (the amount for the case getting charged after it shipped, but not the amount for the phone).
  • Thank you for your insight SKDC. The more I look into it, the more I see that this is a normal occurance. Can't wait until Friday!
  • Mine shipped as well. It said "on time" for a scheduled delivery date of 06.17.09!!!! WEDNESDAY - TOMORROW! We'll see...
  • I got screwed by I ordered my iPhone on June 10. I have the emails to prove the order was confirmed and accepted. My number port from verizon was also successful and confirmed. However, my order # wouldn't work on their lookup page. So I called them - talked to 4 different people. Finally one of them found that my order did not have the port confirmation on it. So she fixed in. but then when I logged in to check my status, I see that my 6/10 order was CANCELLED and a new one in its place on 6/15!!! This messes everything up because I'm now at the end of the line! I called them again but no resolution (of course). Next I am going to email the CEO. I think I may regret moving from Verizon...
  • I sent my pre-order in on June 12th - Paid via Debit/Credit card - My account was charged in full at that time. I got my confirmation e-mail stating it will be delivered to my house on June 19th, 2009! We shall see!
  • Just curious--how was it that people were able to order their iPhones c/o AT&T and pick it up at the store? It looked to me that pre-orders were only available via home delivery...
  • I actually purchased my 1st iPhone less than three weeks from the announcement. so I was able to trade my lil 8gb in for a 32gb. I had to pay the $299 up front, and have already rec'd an email confirmation that my phone has been reserved, but not yet shipped. When I come to pick up the new one, I will return my old phone for a $199 credit to my CC. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
  • I ordered mine through on 6/09
    It still reads as in process. Why are people that ordered it after I already having it shipped? I'm confussed.
  • I ordered my new iphone 3g s on 6/12 from I keep getting emails like this. "Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order with the credit card you provided." After calling atlest 3 times to have them fix it they told me its a glitch on the website but still waiting to see what happens next.
  • Date Ordered: Jun 14, 2009
    Status: We have received your order request, and we expect to begin processing it shortly.
    Shortly probably means after the 19th.. yesh.. the att site was down on the 13th for me.. I couldn't even order from apple because I'm a current att customer eligible for an upgrade and so they needed access to att servers to verify my account.. with the site down, I had to wait till the next day to place an order.
    I also paid with a debit visa card.. I hope that doesn't cause problems.. I have a pending hold on my account that hasn't been charged yet.
  • I ordered mine from AT&T on 6/11. The status just says "We estimate your order will be shipped within 2-5 business days pending approval if applicable. We will notify you by e-mail when it is approved and shipped". I called AT&T twice after it and they say it will be shipped early next week and I will get a confirmation e-mail. Is something wrong?
  • Pre-ordered on the 12th at the att store. Charge showed pending until yesterday then went away.
    Checked my order status based on the info in order confirmation email, status is shipped, expected delivery on the 18th.
    Looks good. Wonder if I really need to show up at 7:00 AM?
  • Pre-ordered on the 9th at the AT& TStore.
    Expected delivery is tomorrow - by checking my tracking number they game me from UPS. My ATT Sales rep said to come in by 7 to make sure I got the phone activated and the loaner phone they gave me returned...
    I want to make sure I get there early....just in case someone else sells my phone to someone else!!!! I can't wait!!!!
  • I also ordered from AT&T on June 9th. I was told it would be at my house on the 19th. Agent is calling back to activate. What a bunch of At&t *&^%$! My bank account had the funds on hold, but as of today no hold.
    AT&T says mine might be back ordered and they are sorry I was miss informed. This was a gift for my son's bday this week~!
  • I pre-ordered (reserved) on Apple Online for Apple Store pick-up but I did not receive any email confirmation. Did anyone get a confirmation when doing this online for Apple store pickup?
  • I got the shipment notification from AT&T. Sad part is since it was shipped today (Thursday), it is expected on Monday. I would have been happier receiving it before the weekend.
  • Sean Says:
    June 17th, 2009 at 11:37 pm
    I pre-ordered (reserved) on Apple Online for Apple Store pick-up but I did not receive any email confirmation. Did anyone get a confirmation when doing this online for Apple store pickup?
    Sean, you should have received an email confirmation thanking you for prereserving. If you didn't get one then you can go to your Apple store and they will confirm if you are on the list. That way you can stand in the pre-reserved line tomorrow. Good luck!
  • My order status on at&t's website changed to "shipped" on the 16th, I still don't have any tracking information for UPS and haven't received an email from At&t, i ordered on the 13th and I'm pretty upset that AT&T would change an order status before it's actually shipped.
  • Ordered mine on the June 10th for what I expected to be home delivery on June 19th. Checked on-line and it was shipped 2nd day air today, with an expected delivery of June 22. Another disappointment from AT&T. Buncha freaking money grubbing losers!
  • I ordered my 3GS through AT&T last Saturday. They told me that I was too late for the first shipment so to expect my phone to be shipped within 10-4 days. I received an email from them with my order number, I clicked on and sure enough it had a tracking number. I have been following it and it was delivered to the store at 11:37AM this morning and at 12:00PM I received an email from AT&T telling me my phone will be ready for pick up tomorrow morning anytime after 7:00AM. My concern is that it's going to be a mad house down there.Good Luck everyone.
  • Bought a 3G on May 23, before i knew about the 3GS. Went to AT&T on the 13th because i heard if you bought a 3G after May 9th you could upgrade for free. Sure enough all i have to do is pay for the new 3GS, and a "restocking fee" and when i bring my 3G in they will refund $299 on my card. The AT&T guy said it would be 7-14 until i would get mine or until it would be shipped. I got an email saying it was being processed or whatever and it only said "In-Progress" until yesterday! and now it says that it has been delivered to my home town and signed for. I dont know why everyone thought that orders on the 13th would be delayed.... because they are not.
  • Ordered mine through ATT on June 13 around 1:30PM. Today my phone was showing as "In Progress" until 10:30PM (Seattle, WA) when it switched over to "Shipped." I have no tracking number as of yet; however, I believe my phone will be delivered to my house tomorrow via FEDEX - possibly overnight as they promised! YAY!! (I guess there is hope if you ordered on the 13th).
  • We shall see...I ordered mine from AT& on June 12, and it finally turned to shipped status on the afternoon of June 18th. No tracking number clickable, and I hope to god it shows up Friday :(
  • UPDATE to my comment #56..
    Att's premier buisness site stil shows the same message, but the regular order checking site showed a tracking number yesterday morning. Strange thing is that funds were returned to my bank account and the att site lables the product being shipped as "Various SIM." I got the email with the tracking info a few min ago telling me:
    "We shipped part of your recently placed AT&T Premier order.
    We will ship the remaining backordered items when all items are in stock and will notify you via email with the tracking number." --with a tracking number for the partial order.
    So what they're shipping me the SIM card from TX first and the iphone later?? Anyone else run into similar issues?
  • I ordered mine on the 12th from At&t, up until today, the tracking site had three items on it, including the phone. Now it just has one, Freight, and says shipped. I am hoping that means the phone was shipped and should receive it today. Otherwise, i am just getting freight..haha Fingers crossed.
  • I got mine!!
  • 2 comment # 70.....What the regular order checking site
  • Ordered on June 10th received this morning at 9:45!!! Loving it already
  • I ordered mine with a cc last saturday and i saw it as a pending charge but the charge never went through. And i lost my confirmation email... i delete everything.... hope i get mine soon!
  • I ordered mine on the 15th thru AT&T and although it had a disclaimer on it.. my FEDEX tracking number is available and it's being delivered today!!
  • Got the new 3GS today. It says do not turn on until fully charged. So I plugged it into the wall and the screen lit for few seconds then went back. How do i know if it is fully charged if it is not turned on?
  • Rob:
    Did you get yours in a store pick up... or in the mail?
    Has anybody that ordered it through mail received it as of yet?
  • Rob, mine appeared to be fully charged when it arrived at my house this morning. I ordered mine on June 8th from Apple and it was one of the ones shipped to the US earlier this week and then held in TN. It was dropped off this morning! It is syncing as we speak!
  • 60
    I think AT&T mislead most customers from the start. I was told "why stand in line? We will have it to your door on the 19th!" I dont even have a tracking #. It just says FEDX.
    We need to flood them with complaints! They just said what they needed to so the stores would not be over-run with sales/pick ups!
    As a long, long time customer I am very disappointed!
  • Cathy:
    Mine was also in pending status... and then it was just gone. Did you call....who told you it was on back order....
    I'm even more dissapointed that you cant get any of the order info from the website. Saying it was last updated on 6-11-09... Terribad...
    I'll be happy if i get it by tuesday.
  • Hey I've been contemplating getting an iphone 3gs but I have a few questions that I CAN'T find answers too! Can all you apple owners pleaseee help me?? I really don't want to purchase this phone and then be extremely mad at it! :( ok 1st question is 1) do you HAVE to own/have access to a computer to have an iphone 3gs?? 2) does it have ota updates?? See I mainly want this phone to use it as a computer, I don't own or have access to a computer and I have NO IDEA HOW itunes works? Or if I can take my phone to att to "update" the os when/if needed. Also what good is the insurance (apple care) for if it covers no accidents/water damage? Is the 1yr standard warranty efficient? Thank you for any/all responses!! :)
  • Oh one more question too!! Can you ONLY download pics/ringtones/games/wallpapers from itunes by BUYING them?? Or can you do it from everywhere off the web for FREE like a blackberry, winmo phone etc??
  • 1) You dont have to... but it helps
    2) Again.. updating isnt required... highly recommended
    3) You cant download songs for free (As far as i know) from your iphone, youd have to get it all through itunes.
  • I preorderd my iphone 32 3gs on sunday the 14th told that it would most likely be here by friday. The ordered still has pending off the att website. But when i was around my AT&t store today i walked in to see if they had any iphone 3gs in. They had about 20 left around 12:pm in the afternoon. I couldn't cancel my pre-order and just purchase or take one of the iphones they had on stock. So i had to leave and continue to wait for my pre order. System seems a little crazy, i should have been able to take one on the spot. Im a disappointed customer.
  • Sad day steve... sad sad day....
    im upset aussi..
  • i had pre ordered 16gig on 14th and was told it would be on the 19th, i also checked with att that i would not have any problems and be able to pick up on the 19th preorder... and was told i couldn't cancel pre order and pick up stock on hand.....
  • Original Comment: #68
    Ordered mine mid-day on the 13th.
    As of the 18th at 10:30PM: Status: Shipped No Tracking #
    Today 19th I get home from work: My Phone is HERE!!!
  • Ordered my iPhone on the night of the 15th, got it on the 19th. Wasn't expecting it at all, since it said it would take 7-14 days. It was a nice surprise. Ordered it to my house. A friend who ordered theirs the next day at the store, shipped to the store, hasn't heard anything. Hoping tomorrow or Monday, depending on business day shippings. It would be cruel to only ship one day and have everyone else wait until Monday. Also, the website "order status" is useless. I checked my order the at about 1 am on the 19th with no updates, but I have my iPhone now.
  • I pre-ordered mine for delivery through AT&T's website day after announcement. Well before they ran out. Didn't arrive yesterday. Unfortunately, I have the order # in my office, so I can't even call and ask about it until Monday.
  • I pre-ordered with ATT premier on the 9th. Was told it would ship overnight priority. ATT shipped it on the 18th via 2nd Day Air. It will not arrive until Monday, the 22nd. When I tried to address the issue of shipping 2nd Day Air when they promised overnight delivery with an ATT Customer Service Supervisor, here is their response: My assessment - they are clueless.
    Thank you again for bringing this issue to my attention. I appreciate you sending me the actual verbiage that was used. According to the statement I have included in bold type below, and the information I was able to research, overnight shipment is the preferred method, but cannot always be accommodated for the reason listed below. Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding of our policies. Please do not hesitate to call Customer service for any future issue; we DO appreciate your business.
    If you receive any overnight shipping charges, please call to receive credit. I have placed notes in your account to credit those charges if you call in.
    The actual shipment date and receipt of your order is not guaranteed and may be subject to delays for reasons that include, but are not limited to, product availability, inventory, credit issues, number porting or carrier delays, and completion of other required AT&T business processes.
    Apparently ATT doesn't understand the meaning of the word "will." Here is their language from the pre-order on 9 June.
    "Pre-orders for iPhone 3G S WILL BE SHIPPED WITH OVERNIGHT PRIORITY and will be processed to arrive as early as June 19, 2009, if submitted by 12 p.m. noon C.T., June 17, 2009. The actual shipment date and receipt of your order is not guaranteed and may be subject to delays for reasons that include, but are not limited to, product availability, inventory, credit issues, number porting or carrier delays, and completion of other required AT&T business processes.
    Additional items added to the cart at the time of your pre-order may ship separately depending on availability. Your credit card will not be charged until items are shipped.
    All pre-orders taken online are being handled on a first-come, first-served basis."
  • Reply to #73 regarding my comment (#70).
    The regular site:
    The business site:
  • UPDATE to my comment #70
    The att Premier Business order site finally updated from it's default order processing msg. Now it shows a picture of the white iPhone 3g S I ordered and shows three processes that are a part of the order all checked off. 1-received, 2-processing, 3-shipped.. funny thing is that it takes them soooooo long to make the page worth looking at.. The regular page had showed me the tracking info days before the business site..
    So I suppose Various SIM = iphone..
    Order is set to be delivered on Monday.. sucks that apple/att chose a Friday to release the iphone.
    Anyone try 3g cases on the 3gs? Do they work for both? And what does one recommend for an eye catching case?
  • To #93: I read on another site that "various SIM" actually does include the iPhone itself, so I also hope to receive it tomorrow.
  • Has anyone had AT&T just lose their orders? I found my confirmation email (dated June 10) and when I entered into their website tracking system, it has no record of it. I'm furious at the idea of having to wait two weeks for them to get back in stock.
  • My iphone 3G S order status says ship date june 22 2009...What day should it come in?
  • I ordered from AT&T online on the 14th and got a confirmation email that says the order was placed on the 16th? I got a message about 'port' or transfer of my number later that day and took care of that on Monday, the 15th, I think. I have been checking the status and it still shows as In Progress for all 3 items (phone, freight and sim). I hope and pray it soon shows as shipped, or, that is just arrives already! Anyone order around the same time as me? I am a 1st time customer for AT&T online and was going to order via Apple, but got lured into the AT&T site with trying to see if I qualify for their phone plan in the first place. :)
  • BBYM - Same problem!!! I paid with debit credit on June 17. They estimated 7-14 days delivery. The charge showed pending on my account yesterday (6/22) and today it is gone. I received an email saying that the order is canceled and to go to the store. I called the store and the wretched sales girl tells me "sorry, that's been happening to everyone who used debit. The system is kicking them back. You need to come back into the store and re-order. Another 7-14 days for delivery." I am livid!!!
  • WOW! If I had boughten an iphone 3gs with a debit card I'd be PISSED TOO!!! Paying with debit cards is WAYY BETTER than paying with a credit card to MOST ALL COMPANIES because they KNOW its coming DIRECTLY FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Instead their canceling your orders?! What are they MORONS??? Hahahaha! Man I fee BAD for you guys! :( screw apple and att! They don't deserve your money!!
  • I ordered online at AT&T on June 21st with my debit card. I saw a hold go on to my account from AT&T for 0.00 dollars. Now the hold is gone. But at least my order still says processing! LOL... It would be nice if they at least gave an estimate on how long it's going to take. These days a large company like this should have all the data they need to at least give an estimate. I don't expect to get it any time soon but still would like some idea. And what is this processing... processing what?, processing what kind of ETA they want to give me? Apple really screwed up when they went with AT&T and not just because of there spotty 3G areas. AT&T needs to talk to the Walmart S&D people and get some ideas on how to do it right or get the F out.
  • I walked into the AT&T store as they were unlocking the door the 20th (day after they first released them) and, of course, they were out. I went ahead and placed an order to fill that they said should come in before the store is restocked with the new 3G S. I then get the e-mail about it taking 7-14 days to ship!! I'm going to be gone on vacation next week and I really wanted it before then. I then waited about an hour and a half to talk to someone at the store and they said that people who did fill orders on Friday 19th started getting theirs in on Monday 22nd. I still haven't got a e-mail about it shipping or anything yet, nor did they have it in the store. I know I'm being over anxious, but when I ordered in the store the girl told me it was normally 3-4 days for it to come in. I'm bummin out that it's still not here and I've got no shipment e-mail yet. I thought about picking one up if they got stock in before MINE comes in, but the clerk at AT&T said they would have to charge my credit card AGAIN for the one I get from stock and not get refunded for the shipped one until they ship it back??!!! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard and unfortunately I can't afford 2 iPhones right now. :( Waiting sure sux. :(
  • Has anyone who has ordered from the Premier site had the ATT folks tell them they cannot find their order in the system? I've provided them with the order no. that was sent in an email, the phone number being ported, name and last 4 digits of the SSN.
    When I click on the 'Order Status' link and put in the Order #, it does show the number and say that it's in 'Pending' status. However, it's been 2-days since I've order, AT&T has done a credit check and I'm concerned since ATT can't see the order (premier support not customer care).
  • I ordered mine yesterday (6/24) at my local AT&T store and got the same story - "Your iPhone 3G S will be shipped in 7 to 14 days." What I really want to know is whether ANYONE who did not place a pre-order has actually received their phone...
  • I ordered my phone last week, was told I would get it BY THE END of July! Wasn't happy! But then the reciept said once it's shipped I would be charged. Well my credit card was charged on the 22nd! Now I'm just waiting for the AT&T email. 4 days to ship it... I'm hoping the email comes soon!!
    Has anyone else ordered through AT&T and got charged but no email to pick it up!?
    We called yesterday and it wasn't there yet.
    The waiting!! WHINE!
  • I'm wondering that too.... I ordered my phone on the 22nd and my card has not been charged.... no update on the status page other than "In Progress". If you ordered through AT&T after the launch date, how long did it take to receive the phone? Is it really 7-14 days? Closer to 7 days? Or closer to 14 days? I'm anxious to get my phone!!! Also, the guy at the store told me that each store was still getting in about 20 phones per day and they were using those to fulfill the preorders rather than selling them.... has anyone else heard that?
  • Get it right - it's Apple that locked down the iPhone just as much as AT&T. You think that Apple didn't try to get a HUGE hefty exclusivity deal? Don't blame AT&T - Apple wouldn't give up the money either and was most likely the one to shop the exclusivity in exchange for money.
  • Thanks to everyone here I just check my status on AT&T and it says it was sign for AT the store on 6/23! We called on the 25th and they said it wasnt' there...
    Going there today...
  • Ordered 2 phones at the AT&T store and they only shipped one! Turns out the sales guy ordered them under the same phone number and even though I have two lines on a family plan, AT&T canceled the second phone order. Now I have to wait another week :-(
  • I just bought mine at Best Buy. Great service and the same price plus you can charge it on your Best Buy card!
  • Ordered mine on June 16th, got an email on 26th that they had a problem with my credit card and to call them. Well the premier site is closed on weekends..could not call till 29th. gave them the same card number and now it works ! my order says ordered on 29th, and now i get to wait for "7 to 14 days" ...should have gone to the store and I would be enjoying my new iphone.
  • If you bought your new iPhone 3Gs from an AT&T retail store you can check the status of your order at
    It will also give you a link to the FedEx tracking site. Its easy and very simple. Most phones ordered thru a retail store are taking about 3-5 days whereas if you order it thru apple its 6-12 days. Hope this helps!
  • Sorry for the second comment but reading a few others I will say this. Its a really good idea to check to Apple website to see if the 3GS is in stock. AT&T gets their supply directly from Apple. Apple does not make a stockpile just for AT&T. Apple does not want to overproduce the 3GS like it did the 1st Gen iPhone so they are not making as many. So check with Apple and if it says they have them then order it their or thru AT&T
  • I just ordered the iphone 3G 8 GB 7/31/09 i was thinking not as new as the 3Gs hoping thay have them instock.I ordered as a new account so i need a phone number to ,will it come with the phone .I got my conformation e-mail saying it will be 3 to 5 bussiness days befor it is shipped.When i check the order number it said if it shows as not ordered i need to wait 24 hours for it to show. I ordered friday 7/31 afternoon it is still nothing showing as of today 8/1.can anyone tell me if i will get an e-mail saying when shipped or anything to go by other them the oreder number being put into the site thay gave me .
    Please help me out if anyone can this is a first for me iam new to AT&T and i dont even have a phone number for it yet.One more thing i ordered with a credit card and there is no sight of it yet on the card. Do thay charge it first or sent it first. thanks a million for the help.
  • I thought they were cool. The song Pumped Up Kicks won't get out of my head. They seemed like legit musicians. The other song I forgot already.