AT&T's iPhone 3G S Pre-Order Supply Depleted

Once again it seems AT&T's lock down of the iPhone will be paying off in droves. It's only been a few days but yet AT&T has managed to sell each and every single iPhone 3G S that it had stored away for pre-orders. Any unlucky customer who places an order with AT&T after today will sadly have to wait an extra one to two weeks to get their hands on their new iPhone 3G S.

Now keep in mind, if did get your pre-order in on time with AT&T, you will still have to show up at 7:00 am on June 19th to claim your prize. After the pre-orders have been picked up, the remaining stock will go to all of the walk-in customers. Regarding Apple and their supply, there has been no word about their supply so you can try your luck ordering straight from the Apple online store.

So to all of you who took the pre-order plunge, which route did you travel? AT&T or Apple?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in!]

IM Staff

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