Austin Mann: #ShotOniPhone judge on gear, workflow, and #ProTips

Every year when Apple puts out a new iPhone, Austin takes it somewhere jaw-dropping to test out the camera, like Iceland or the Sahara, and then he posts a review of everything he likes and, yeah, doesn't like about the new sensor, chipset, and software. And when he's not doing that, he's traveling around the world shooting famous places, famous faces, and capturing awe-inspiring moments from pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

I had a chance to meet up with him when he was in Montreal a couple of months back and had so much fun chatting I asked him if he'd come back so we could chat with all of you as well.

He was gracious enough to say yes — and here's what I asked him.

Watch the video for the answers.

  • What traditional camera gear do you shoot with these days?
  • There are a lot of good camera phones on the market now, what keeps you on the iPhone?
  • What do you think about the advent of computational photography? Portrait Mode, Smart HDR, Night Vision?
  • What's your iPhone photography workflow like?
  • What advice can you give people who are just starting out taking photos and want to improve?
  • What advice can you give pros who are looking to take it next level?
  • What was it like judging the #ShotOniPhone challenge?

Hit play on the video above to see all the answers!

Austin Mann's website

Austin Mann's Instagram

Austin Mann's photography course

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