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Has Apple improved upon social network integration with iOS 6?

Last month, I wrote about the challenges of truly integrating your social networks, especially Facebook, into your iPhone or iPad. During the keynote at yesterday’s kick off to WWDC, Facebook was once again brought to center stage.

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Apple introduces Passbook as part of iOS 6


Today at WWDC Apple introduces the Passbook app as part of iOS 6. Passbook is the new way to store airline apps, boarding passes, starbucks app, movie tickets.

Passbook is the easiest way to get all your important tickets and information into one place.

Let's say you want to buy movie tickets via Fandango. Purchase your tickets, and as soon as you get to the theatre - your tickets just pop right up on the screen.

Apple demoed different passes that are available with the new Passbook app including a target card, starbucks card, baseball tickets, app store gift card, boarding passes and more.

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The new Safari unveiled at WWDC12

Craig Federighi, Apple's SVP of Mac demonstrated the all new Safari during the WWDC12 keynote today in San Francisco.

Safari has always been intertwined in the Mac OS - but it brings even more functionality in Mountain Lion.


Safari Unified Search

Just type a few characters into the unified smart search field.  Mountain Lion Searches matches in both your bookmarks and browsing history.

If you were browsing on another device - there is a new feature called iCloud tabs - which lists all the pages you have open across all your other devices.

The beauty of this is that you can pick up browsing right where you left off.


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How to set up, configure, secure, and start using Siri

Siri is the flagship feature of Apple's iPhone 4S. Even though it's still in beta, one look at Apple's advertising shows just how important they consider their digital personal assistant. Yet despite how natural Apple intends their voice-control system to be, it can still take some getting used to, and if you're new to the iPhone, you might find you need some help setting it up.

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How to have a video chat with your Android and BlackBerry friends and family

You’ve got the new iPad, you have tried out your front facing camera with FaceTime, but now you realize that many of your friends don’t live in the iOS world. So, how can you video chat with your BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone friends?

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How to integrate all your social networks into your iPhone and iPad Contacts

I get to use most of the newest devices and test out all the platforms in my job. My "go-to"  phone is the iPhone 4S, but there are features I see on other devices that I really wish were present in iOS. At the top of the list of wants is rich contact integration with my social networks.

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Stop & Shop SCAN IT! for iPhone review

If you live in New England, New York or New Jersey and shop at Stop & Shop, now you not only can you bring your own bags, but you can use your iPhone to scan your groceries and then check out of the store. When it works, it is a blast.

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How to use iCloud like a Dropbox or Google Drive-style cloud store

While Apple never meant iCloud to work like Dropbox or Google Drive, if you don't mind polishing up your ninja-skills you can get it to do just that!

There's no shortage of online storage solutions -- Dropbox,, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple's soon-to-be end-of-lifed iDisk, and now, Google Drive. Apple's new iCloud isn't meant to be online storage at all; it's designed to abstract away messy concepts like file systems and folders and tuck everything away neatly behind apps. Did you know, however, that you can also (with a little tweaking) upload movies, audio files and pictures to store in iCloud for safe keeping?

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Best iPhone and iPad apps for Major League Baseball fans

The bases are loaded, the pitchers are on the mounds, and Major League Baseball season has begun! So now it's time to take me -- and my iPhone -- out to the ballgame!

Ok, the season officially opened the other day, but the Red Sox play their first game today so that makes it the real opening day. Thankfully, baseball fans are never far away from the action if they have their trusty iPad or iPhone by their side. There are apps for watching baseball, scoring baseball, finding food at the ballpark, playing casual games, and managing the ever-important fantasy baseball team.

Here are the home runs...

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Best iPhone and iPad apps for celebrating Passover

Just like at the first Passover Seder, Jews around the world will gather with their iPads around the traditional festive meal and retell the miracle of our freedom from Egyptian slavery.

OK, maybe they didn’t have iPads at the first Seder, but you can be sure that lots of Jews will have their iPads out at this year’s Seder. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps this year that can keep you connected to the action and otherwise engaged during some of the “less” interesting parts.

The Passover Seder is the meal that involves the telling of the story of the Biblical Exodus from Egypt.  The narrative of the journey from slavery to freedom is called the Haggadah and it is filled with stories, traditional food and blessings and sometimes regional or familial customs.

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State of the Mobile Nations survey: The point of the stylus

Steve Jobs put an end to the Newton project, in part because he hated the concept of using a stylus. The original Palm Pilot was a runaway hit -- in part because of the use of the stylus and its handwriting recognition. Now, Palm is dead and Apple is ginormous and Samsung is trying to bring the stylus back with the Galaxy Note line... So, who was right?

Just as the iPad is reaching the stratosphere in usage, the stylus is making a comeback.

We ran a quick poll and the initial results were intriguing enough we wanted to get a better sense of just what was going on across all platforms and all of our mobile communities. So here's a short survey. Does the stylus inhibit or amplify your touch screen experience? Let us know!

Take the Survey!

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How to troubleshoot email problems on the new iPad

More often than not, email just simply “works” on your iPad. You input your account information when you setup the iPad and email is received flawlessly.  Occasionally, however, problems do arise and need to be fixed.

Sometimes, it is an issue with the email server, sometimes it is a connectivity issue and sometimes you are just missing a key piece of information in the account setup.

Usually, the solution is simple like a wrong password or switch. We will try to walk you through potential problems and their fixes.

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How to use Skype to make voice and video calls, and chat on your new iPad

The new iPad is really an amazing communication tool. In addition to all the regulars; email, iMessage and FaceTime, the iPad also works with Skype. In fact, most of the great features we love about Skype on our Windows or Mac PCs work great on the iPad.

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How to use FaceTime to make video calls on the new iPad

One of the greatest features of the new iPad and all iOS devices is FaceTime.

FaceTime is free over Wi-Fi video calling that allows you to see the caller on the other end of the conversation through the iPad's front-facing camera. You can also “swap” cameras and show the caller what is around you using the rear facing camera.

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How to use Find my iPhone to track down a lost or stolen iPad

You just spent a good deal of cash to purchase the new iPad. Have you given thought as to what you would do if it were lost or stolen?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to “track” your iPad and know exactly where it was at all times? Well, fortunately, there is. If you signed up for Apple's free iCloud service (and we all should) you have an easy way of always locating your iPad –- Find my iPhone.

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GarageBand review: Get jamming with the new iPad

Are you a musician? Have you ever wanted to be a musician?GarageBand for the iPad gives seasoned musicians and those with rock star dreams an opportunity to create music.

Apple gave GarageBand a substantial update after the release of iOS 5.1 – in preparation for the new iPad. The graphics have been bumped up in quality and the options for creating music have been enhanced by the inclusion of iCloud integration, multiple users over Bluetooth and new instruments.

The premise of GarageBand is just as the name implies – amateur musicians and musician wannabees can play, record and share music they create using instruments on the iPad.

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iMore hits NBC, ABC, and CNN as media hype soars on new iPad launch day!

Yours truly and Mobile Nations' own Kevin Michaluk, pinch hitting for iMore in Miami during the massive new iPad launch, procured our own glass and aluminum possessions at the local Walmart at the stroke of midnight, and did what any self respecting gadget enthusiasts in our position would do -- we ran over and showed them off and answered questions in front of the Miami Apple Store!

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New iPad Miami Mayhem

The Mobile Nations team just hit the new iPad launch in South Beach and we made quite a splash. With new Retina displays in hand (procured at WalMart) at midnight, we arrived with iMore T shirts  and had a blast.

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iPad gives autistic boy a “voice” at his Bar Mitzvah

"Matthew" is an autistic boy from Andover, Massachusetts, whose Bar Mitzvah -- the Jewish Rite of Passage for 13 year old boys -- was made possible thanks to Apple's iPad. According to The Boston Globe, Matthew is on the severe end of the autistic spectrum; not able to speak complete sentences, write or read. What Matthew can do is touch icons on the iPad and put together complex thoughts and ideas with the help of touch technology.

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How my iPad helped me learn to play guitar

When I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, I wasn’t sure where to start –- so I turned, as I always do, to my trusty iPad.

I’m not the most spontaneous person in the world – my wife and kids would say that is a huge understatement. I am a bit programmed and disciplined and really work on “trying new things.”

So, in my disciplined way, I decided that at 48 years of age, it was time for a mid-life crisis. Since I’m not terribly spontaneous, I have an amazing, beautiful wife and six great kids, my mid-life crisis needed to be something out of the norm.

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