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Apple makes a $17,000 Apple Watch — why not a luxury iPhone too?

You can buy an iPhone 6 from Apple anodized with matte gold coloring. It's a nice enough phone, but it's no luxury.

That gold iPhone costs no more than one in silver or space gray, and it does nothing else different. Apple also makes a solid gold Apple Watch. It costs much more than a standard aluminum or steel Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Edition has a nicer buying experience and improved customer support (not that Apple's ever been lacking in that department). But even at up to $17,000 it too does nothing that a $350 Apple Watch Sport doesn't do.

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Apple's TV set plans were reportedly shelved over a year ago

Apple's been rumored to be working on a Apple television set for years. But according to a new report, they put the project on hold over a year ago, facing the dual challenges differentiation and a cutthroat retail market dominated by Samsung.

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Star Wars #stormtrooper emoji invade Twitter

Sure, there's a newly expanded set of ethnically-diverse and more-useful emoji out there (and already integrated into iOS), but do they have stormtroopers or protocol droids? Didn't think so. Thankfully, Twitter does.

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These are the WWDC 2015 wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that you've been looking for!

WWDC 2015 is being billed as "the epicenter of change", and there's a lot — or nothing — that we can read from the shapes and colors of the invite.

And as we are wont to do, we went ahead and made a wallpaper based on the design of the invite.

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Google said to be close to getting Android Wear watches to work with iPhones

Sure, the Apple Watch is just around the corner, but that's not going to stop Google from continuing work on getting Android Wear to work with iOS.

It's been rumored and reported for a while now that Google was working to get Android Wear to be properly compatible with the iPhone, and it appears that they're rapidly approaching the point of actually seeing a release.

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Triggerfox 3.0 rolls your social networks into one app, highlights the important stuff

Between Facebook and email and Twitter and everything else, it can be hard to keep track of what's going on with your contacts — and that's what Triggerfox aims to fix.

Just updated to version 3.0, Triggerfox pulls in your streams from a variety of sources and lets you set which users you really want to get news about.

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Flir FX takes aim at both home surveillance and action cameras

Flir's been working in the world of infrared imaging for years, but now they're delving into a new market: home security and action cams with the Flir FX.

Flir is taking on both Dropcam and GoPro with the Flir FX. This little camera is a roughly 2x2x1-inch block with a circular lens sitting front and center. There's an available home base that it can mount onto for home security purposes, as well as options for exterior mounts, car mounts, and even a waterproof sport case that you can strap onto your helmet, bike, or what-have-you (ala GoPro). With Wi-Fi, remote monitoring, and a nifty "RapidRecap" feature that compresses hours of activity into minutes, Flir's system is going toe-to-toe with Google-owned Dropcam.

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A huge Apple Watch window display is coming to your local Apple Store

Apple storefronts will soon be filled with an array of LED circles for the Apple Watch launch.

The new displays for the Apple Watch launch will be going up on Friday, April 10 — the same day that in-store try-on appointments and Apple Watch pre-orders begin. The hexagonal grid of circles is meant to evoke the circular icons and grid layout of the Apple Watch app launcher.

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Apple will start accepting Apple Watch try-on appointments on April 10

Apple Watch in-store previews are starting on April 10, and that's the first day you'll be able to make a reservation to try one on too.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch are scheduled to begin on April 10. So are in-store previews and try-ons so you can get a feel for what it's like before you plop down $349 to $17,000 for an Apple Watch. Taking of reservations for those try-on appointments? Also starting on April 10.

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Apple Watch Edition buyers said to get premium support for their $10,000+ purchase

Turns out that when you spend $10,000 or more on an Apple Watch, Apple will go out of their way to make sure you're taken care of.

It's not terribly surprising to hear that Apple's planning to roll out the red carpet for Apple Watch Edition buyers. The solid 18-karat gold casings that will demand from $10,000 up to $17,000 are reportedly going to come with premium perks for customers, including private appointments in Apple Stores and a dedicated support line.

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Facebook wants to dramatically simplify the process of sharing to Facebook

At today's Facebook F8 developers conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled that they're working to make sharing to their network simpler and better.

The new "share sheets" that Facebook is working on will unify sharing across the primary Facebook apps, including Facebook Groups and Messenger. The idea is to bring "the best sharing experience" to all of Facebook's apps instead of having multiple experiences to deal with varying experiences.

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Instagram introduces 'Layout': it's like collages, but for Instagram

Social photos network Instagram has launched a new app — Layout — that makes it easy to combine multiple photos into one collage.

Layout offers the option to combine multiple photos in your own custom layouts. Well, "custom" as far as arraying them left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or mirroring are considered to be custom. Within each frame of the layout, though, you'll have full freedom to resize and rotate your images, as well as dragging to adjust the size of each frame.

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An "Activity" app appears on your iPhone when you pair an Apple Watch

When you pair an Apple Watch with an iPhone running iOS 8.2, it looks like a new "Activity" app miraculously appears.

We've seen a lot about the Apple Watch so far, there are still a few surprises in store. Take the Apple Watch app that appeared after updating to iOS 8.2 — it's not the only new app there. There's also an "Activity" app designed to work with an Apple Watch, but it doesn't appear until after you've paired a watch.

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Live video streaming app Meerkat gets kneecapped by Twitter

Meerkat, a new live video streaming app, has been hobbled by the ever-frustrating Twitter. It launched just 2 weeks ago and has risen in prominence thanks to exposure at SXSW.

Meerkat works simply: log in with your Twitter account, hit the stream button, and it immediately starts broadcasting video from your iPhone onto the web and posts a link onto Twitter. The stream is only available while it's live — once you stop, it's gone. Ephemeral live video, if you will.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook on Mad Money: Apple Pay, ResearchKit, and a touch of Apple Watch

Following up on the announcements of the new MacBook and launch details for the Apple Watch, Apple CEO Tim Cook called in to Jim Cramer's Mad Money show on CNBC.

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Cards Against Humanity on your iPhone is a lot like ____________.

Cards Against Humanity has come to the web! Cards Against Originality incorporates all of our favorite awful cards, but without having to lug around the bigger blacker box.

Taking the free-to-download print-your-own version of Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Originality puts the over-the-top adult version of Mad Libs or Apples to Apples onto the web. If you're not familiar with the game, a judge (usually rotating), reads aloud a black card with a prompt (either answer the question or fill in the blank), the other players offer a white card that completes it. Except that the goal is to make a combination that's as awful as possible, and the one judged to be worst wins.

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Jawbone and Nike fitness trackers swept out of Apple Stores by Apple Watch

Apple Stores across the nation and online have been cleansed of fitness trackers that aren't called Apple Watch. Both Jawbone's UP24 and the Nike+ FuelBand have vanished from Apple Store shelves.

Admittedly, Apple's never been keen on stocking products that compete with their own, and the impending arrival of the Apple Watch has seen fitness trackers from the likes of Jawbone and Nike dropped from both store shelves and online listings ahead of the arrival of the Apple Watch.

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Pad & Quill gets in on the Apple Watch charging stands with cherry, mahogany, and leather

Not one to be left out of the Apple Watch accessories rush, Pad & Quill has revealed their own charging stand and travel kits — though they're opting for premium woods and leathers.

Pad & Quill has two new accessories on tap for the Apple Watch:

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An Apple engineer speaks on the design process that led to the new MacBook

With all the furor about the new MacBook, it's nice see Apple loosening up a bit and letting their engineers speak freely about the super-thin laptop. It might not be the MacBook for you, or maybe you're just waiting for an updated MacBook Pro, or maybe it's exactly what you want. Regardless of where you sit, it's always good to laugh.

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The new MacBook has me most excited about the next-generation MacBook Pro

The new MacBook is an intriguing machine, but despite all of its innovations it has me most excited for the next MacBook Pro.

The Spring Forward event brought us things like pricing and more details on the Apple Watch, but to me the most exciting part was the brand-new Retina MacBook. Not because of what that computer is — and it is an interesting piece of hardware — but for what it means for the future of the MacBook. In particular, the future of the MacBook Pro.

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