Here's how much every Apple Watch model is going to cost

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Today Apple formally unveiled pricing for the Apple Watch, with prices starting at a relatively palatable $349 for the Apple Watch Sport. But if you were planning on getting a fancier Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition, you could be paying quite a bit. The gold Edition model, for example, can run all the way up to $17,000.

So let's break it down. Not every band is available for every watch model (the link bracelet is only an option for the stainless steel Apple Watch, for example, and the modern leather buckle can only be had on the 38mm versions), so keep that in mind.

And, of course, before you plop down a few hundred — or thousand — dollars on a new Apple Watch, you'll probably want to try one out first. Apple will be offering pre-orders and in-store previews of the watches starting April 10, with the watch going on sale on April 24.

In the meantime, here's what you're looking at for pricing of each combination of watch body and band:

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Apple Watch Sport38mm42mm
White Sport Band$349 (opens in new tab)$399 (opens in new tab)
Blue Sport Band$349 (opens in new tab)$399 (opens in new tab)
Green Sport Band$349 (opens in new tab)$399 (opens in new tab)
Pink Sport Band$349 (opens in new tab)$399 (opens in new tab)
Black Sport Band$349 (opens in new tab)$399 (opens in new tab)
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Apple Watch38mm42mm
White Sport Band$549 (opens in new tab)$599 (opens in new tab)
Black Sport Band$549 (opens in new tab)$599 (opens in new tab)
Black Classic Buckle$649 (opens in new tab)$699 (opens in new tab)
Milanese Loop$649 (opens in new tab)$699 (opens in new tab)
Black Leather Loop$699 (opens in new tab)
Bright Blue Leather Loop$699 (opens in new tab)
Stone Leather Loop$699 (opens in new tab)
Light Brown Leather Loop$699 (opens in new tab)
Soft Pink Modern Buckle$749 (opens in new tab)
Black Modern Buckle$749 (opens in new tab)
Midnight Blue Modern Buckle$749 (opens in new tab)
Brown Modern Buckle$749 (opens in new tab)
Link Bracelet$949 (opens in new tab)$999 (opens in new tab)
Black Link Bracelet$1049 (opens in new tab)$1099 (opens in new tab)
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Apple Watch Edition38mm42mm
18ct Rose Gold with White Sport Band$10,000 (opens in new tab)$12,000 (opens in new tab)
18ct Yellow Gold with Black Sport Band$10,000 (opens in new tab)$12,000 (opens in new tab)
18ct Yellow Gold with Black Classic Buckle$15,000 (opens in new tab)
18ct Yellow Gold with Midnight Blue Classic Buckle$15,000 (opens in new tab)
18ct Yellow Gold with Bright Red Modern Buckle$17,000 (opens in new tab)
18ct Rose Gold with Rose Gray Modern Buckle$17,000 (opens in new tab)

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Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Anybody who would pay $17,000 for an Apple watch is quite frankly, an idiot.
  • Clearly you are way too smart for this product.
  • Eh it's all relative. There's people that could never imagine spending 350 on a smart watch and there's people that 17,000 is a few hours of work.
  • I wish I was in that elite. My car was $18k. I couldn't imagine a watch costing just as much.
  • This insanity has to stop. These offerings and price points are out of line. What are we paying for? Tech that will be outdated in less than 12 months - all the framework of $349 to $17,000. Really??? Heck, an Asus smartwatch with a good looking leather band is less than $200. Really don't many of us have better and more pressing things to do with our money. I have been a very, very good customer of Apple over the last 15 years, but this shows me a different side of the Apple that may not be about improving our lives - just their already bloated bottom line.
  • I only have 17k, but I have two wrists! Heh... I'm getting the Space Gray Aluminum Sport and adding the black sport band.
  • this is probably what i will do if i get one, i wanted the black steel one but 1100 is just absolutely outrageous!
  • It stinks that the space gray aluminum model only comes with a black band. I'll have to shell out another $49 for the green band.
  • $17,000?! Geeze. Are they serious with these prices?? I guess luxury has a price but I'd never pay that kind of money for a watch.
  • But there are a metric shit ton of people who will. Sent from the iMore App
  • Actually there isn't.
  • Is
  • Where? Tell em I said hi..
  • Lol... I agree there are many people that pay 17k and more for watchs including myself. But along the lines of Rolex and so on. 9 out of 10 people that have 17k for a watch also have some brains. Paying 17k for a apple watch would be like paying Rolls Royce money for a Ford. This just adds to Apples' legacy of targeting people with more money then brains.
  • 17k for a watch that will be outdated and obsolete in 2-3 years. And watch as the crime of these sky rockets because it will be easy to see someone wearing one of these.
  • Yeah a ludicrous price for a watch that is technically already outdated with its pathetic battery life like every other smart watch on the market. Who wants to charge their 17k watch every damn night?
  • Perhaps you mean iDiot?
  • simple answer across the board, way too much! it figures the one i wanted costs $1099. i guess i'll either just skip it or get one of the aluminum ones and hope someone puts out a much cheaper aftermarket steel or aluminum band for it.
  • I am assuming they will release a new model annually, like the iPhones & iPads, and not have long breaks like the Apple TV and Mac Mini? I would consider one if there were not going to be a substantially better 2nd Gen in a year. But at these prices, I'll probably have to wait for the thinner, faster, longer battery life, better screen next generation.
  • I can imagine the outrage of the 5 people who spent $17k on a watch that had a new model release in a year....
  • You could see Apple really made some dumb choices here when even someone with an Apple Fanboy avatar doesn't seem sold to the watch yet.
  • Well, they've priced me out of the market. I don't like the sport bands, and I'm not paying $200 more for a band I like. All of these prices are pretty hilarious. I'd definitely put my money into an iPad Air before one of these things. Nice try, Apple, but I think you've over estimated the spending capacity of your market.
  • For these prices I'd get an iPad instead of this too. Even though I would use an  watch more. But I can't see why all of these are so expensive. Ita tiny so the material shouldn't be several hundred bucks. Sent from the iMore App
  • They are putting way too much stock in its value as a piece of jewelry. Most early adopters of tech don't care much about how fashionable it is.
  • It's not exactly fashionable
  • That's kind of my point...
  • You are obviously mistaken, their website clearly reads, "There's an Apple Watch for everyone." So, it's your problem if you don't agree with their pricing. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm going to patent my prosthetic arm selfie stick, so I can buy and use three Gold Editions at the same time! /s
  • 3 years, more like 6 mos. We'll be hearing about the improvements to Watch 2 in a few months. Personally, I even think the $400 for the cheap one is too high. $250 to $300 would have been a better pricing point.
  • I agree starting price should of been at $299, I sent Tim an email, I will await a reply, never gotten a reply
  • Technically, it is 299, if you consider the strap is 49 sold separate.
  • $149, there's 2 straps in the box. Sent from the iMore App
  • I just wanted the 42mm stainless model with the black leather band, but it's $700! Pushing $800 after tax. I'd be fine with an aluminum sport model with the black leather band, but that's not even an option! What a joke. I can't believe these prices and total lack of options. I should be able to get any model with any band!
  • This is Apple we are talking about. Personal customization is NOT an option. But I too wish you could design your Apple Watch much like a Moto X.
  • I'm not asking for anything close to the Moto X customizations. I just think the bands, which they bragged are so easy to remove and replace, should be available for every watch. It really is ridiculous. Like the 5C, they're deliberately limiting the sport model in hopes that frustrated buyers go with the much more expensive steel model that actually has band options. And by 5C, I meant the deliberate lack of a black version, because most people didn't want yellow, pink, baby blue, etc. phones. Apple wanted to push them to the the 5S with the more traditional, desirable colors.
  • Apple isn't stupid. They know what exactly what they're doing. The sport is the 5C colors that are pretty ugly. The apple watch is what they want you to get. The edition is to make the apple watch sound acceptable to spend 599-1k on one.
  • The Space Gray Aluminum Sport with a black sport band looks amazing. But, frankly, who spends this much money on a watch that must be recharged every single day!?
  • Well, the 'Reserve Strap' might solve the battery issue for the apple watch -->
  • The cheapest man-watch costs $400. The Reserve Strap costs an additional $250 and only "increases battery life by 125%". Is that really a good deal? Wow, I think not. I'll wait for Watch 2. Maybe.
  • As an apple fan who has the MacBook, iPhone, 2 iPads and an old iPod I wouldn't even consider this unti gen 2 and 249$
  • Apple really thinks they're in camp with the high price watch makers when really they have camped in a spot all their own. Too expensive for most iPhone users to justify and too cheap for real watchphiles. I know people who have spend $20k+ on a Tag Heuer that will laugh at this. It's just not in that class of device and will depreciate like hell! Especially 3 years in when Apple "no longer supports this device" like they do everything.
  • 5 years, and sometimes longer. They rarely drop anything at 3 year mark. they still support the iPhone 4s, which is going on 5 years old. They did the same with the iPhone 4, etc, etc.. Macbooks are usually 5-6 years out as well..
  • So, if you want the big Rose Gold you can only have a plastic strap? Seems wrong. I'd expect to be able to get a rose gold bracelet strap to go with it, make the price about $25k.
  • I think i want one but I will getting the cheapest one..... I can't see anyone getting a 10,000 to 15,000 for a watch that I have to charge up & can't replace my iPhone..... I think it for me.... I will be surprise if they sell a lot are even come off the price a lot next time Sent from the iMore App
  • Prices are ridiculous.. I would rather to get a Rolex.. At least after one year it won't be "so last year" :-))
  • Very true
  • It's interesting that the sport edition comes with two bands. Is the second band a different size or color?
  • Probably an extra sport band, because they don't look like they will last long.
  • It's two sizes.
  • With prices like these, if you're wearing one, people just might think you're kind of a douche.
  • 17,000USD = 11,262.60GBP according to wolfram alpha average UK salary is £20,000 a year. You would either need a loan or to be very rich to buy one of those. Kevin not only got his $10,000 watch he got a $17,000 watch him and highest 5% wealth earners in the economy i am sure will very much enjoy this product. Not exactly empowering the masses i guess that's what the apple watch and sport are for . Interesting to see them going super high market
  • So what's the difference between a "sport" model and an "apple" model? Is that right in front of my face but I'm missing it?
  • "Apple Watch Sport" has an aluminum case, hardened glass screen, rubber strap. "Apple Watch" is stainless steel case with sapphire screen, optional leather or stainless steel strap.
    Same electronics, interface & battery life in all variations. Battery life should be slightly more in the larger 42mm. Sent from the iMore App
  • Wow, so much negativity - is this iMore or AndroidCentral?? I'm surprised - and pleased - at the prices of the Steel; I'd expected higher.. The Edition was always going to big money - $5, 10, 15k makes no difference to me; if people want to spend that kind of coin on a first-gen product then good for them. I want to see UK prices, but the Steel/Milanese Loop at $699 + a basic black rubber band for everyday wear is an interesting combination.
  • Still iMore, but every time Apple announces products the robots have to visit and piss into the corner. So, we now know that some kids with zero income will not buy an Apple gold watch. Great insight. Who would have thunk...
  • Well you gotta look for this little thing at the end of the post: "Posted via the iMore App for Android"
  • I've been waiting for the Apple Watch since it was first announced. I have been looking for a "smart watch" solution and when Apple announced this I thought I would wait - since it appears it will work seamlessly with my iPhone. I am not an "Apple Fanboy" per se - I use all sorts of different technologies in my work and personal life, but I loved the idea of how seamlessly it would integrate with my iPhone. I make a good living, and have a fair amount of disposable income. That being said, these prices are absolutely WAY OFF the mark. I get quality, I really, really do. Quality costs. I also understand the business world as I am a senior executive and have a lot of experience with costing. However, it appears to me there are two issues with their pricing scheme. First, this is a piece of technology that will be outdated within 6 months to a year - 18 months at most. Who is going to spend this kind of cash each year? I understand why people do with phones - as the cost can be spread over carrier subsidies. But these can't. Wow. The model I was looking at was the space black stainless steel Apple watch with space black bracelet (38mm) and its going to cost me almost $1400???? Not a chance. Second, the straps. Their pricing scheme is ASININE. I truly understand quality and craftsmanship - which is why many luxury watches cost what they cost - but that's for the whole thing! According to the Canadian Apple Store - the space black stainless steel bracelet ALONE (with no technology/software/etc involved!) will cost $600 on its own! That's outrageous. I will reiterate - though not what I would call a "fan boy" I am a supporter of Apple's technologies but this pricing structure has just angered me to the point that I will likely avoid this product entirely.
  • Right there with you, sir. I make pretty decent money but not so much any of these seem like "good value". I'm not an iPhone user so I'm not in the market anyways but I have the same issue with the "value" of the much less expensive and design varied options for Android.
  • So I can't use it with my BlackBerry Passport or the upcoming "Titan"...? *eek* :-)
  • Sport seems like the only halfway reasonable version. Sent from the iMore App
  • I like Apple products, but these prices are laughable, definitely only going after a VERY small portion of their mobile market. I've heard Google is going to try and bring Android Wear to the app store and make Android Wear devices compatible with Apple devices. I'd definitely go that route rather than pay Apple's ridiculous prices.
  • I'm right there with you. I would love an iOS compatible Moto 360. Fingers crossed this pans out.
  • I think Apple may have lost their minds. This isn't a tag or a Movado. This model apple watch will be outdated and old tech in 3-4 years, not a timeless piece of jewelry you pass down to your kids. I really wanted a stainless with a nice band but there is no way I'm paying those prices. Sorry Apple you may have bombed this one. Sent from the iMore App
  • This pricing is ridiculous. For that amount of cash I would rather get a proper timepiece, not a watch that will be obsolete in a couple of years. Posted via the iMore App
  • Holy crap, in Canada, the aluminum watch with the plastic strap is $519. I've been looking forward to getting one of these, but the price on the very cheapest model is already seriously frightening.
  • Those prices are crazy all over. I'd pay $99 tops if i even wanted one. But hey, I'm sure there's a guy in a Lambo in Dubai with money to burn that will jump at the $17k apple watch.
  • If, _IF_, I were to get one, and I'm still on the fence, it would be the steel with milanese loop. I don't know anything about it, but it surprised me that the loop was cheaper than the links. I guess the name made it sound classier. So $649 for me. I don't know, y'all... to spend that much I'd want to use it for 4-5 years, and not sure the version 1 is the one to do that with...
  • what's hilarious to me is that instead of fixing the easy low hanging fruit that is Appletv they focused on this. in a world were netflix, and digital content delivery is becoming the more and more the norm apple tv was an easy place where revenue would grow if they put the effort and made a killer box.
  • Are you kidding me!! They have different prices, but performance is the same? No thanks Apple.
  • Do you mean the price difference from 38mm to 42mm? For the extra $50, you'll get a larger screen (rumored to have higher pixel count) & (speculated) longer battery life. Compare this to the iPhone 6 & the 6 Plus. The computer is the same, but there are some improvements otherwise. Sent from the iMore App
  • 10 Grand???, who will be the first idiot to pay that?! Sent from the iMore App
  • Okay, so I'm not getting an Apple Watch anymore. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • Nope. Not for me. Too expensive for what it is. I'll just stick with my vintage Swatch.
  • I believe we're witnessing one of Apple's greatest failures unfold before our eyes. Smartwatch sales so far have been weak at best, and, with these prices, I can't see Apple selling many of these things. While Apple may usually be great at reading the market, I think they really got it wrong this time around.
  • It would be useful to get an official statement from Apple about whether they're going to stick to the current strap connection mechanism (if they gave it a name, I don't remember it) in future iterations of the watch.
    I think there would be more people willing to splurge, for example, for the link bracelet if they knew it will work on next year's model too.
  • Bummer - looks like I'm sticking with my first gen Pebble watch...
  • 17,000 for a watch.
    Who ever buys this is the perfect example of a narcissistic materialistic doofus. It'll be funny if the first person who does buy it accidentally drops it on live television and it cracks right then and there haha Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • did we find out if its water resistant enough to wash dishes and shower with? How much storage does it have? can I listen to music via bluetooth if my phones out of reach? Does the watch and phone communicate over wifi as well? so say im at the gym on wifi. can i leave my phone in the locker and still get calls over wifi to my watch? I feel like lots of questions still remain.... I may be wrong.
  • 1: Not water resistant at all as far as I know. Keep it away from water.
    2: I think 6 GB. Even 4 GB would be plenty.
    3: Yes.
    4: No it has to be bluetooth as far as I know.
  • Thanks for the response!! so for #4 really ? that would definitely be a deal breaker for me. So based on what you are saying.... If I have my phone charging in a room that is not within bluetooth reach of the watch I'm hosed on getting any data? I most certainly out on getting this thing if that is the case.
  • Wrong. It communicates over wifi. If phone and watch are both in your house on wifi they will communicate no matter where you are. Sent from the iMore App
  • Very affordable. I only see the prices going higher and higher! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • How much will AppleCare cost on the $17,000 watch? Sent from the iMore App
  • I will be getting the 42mm Apple Watch Sport with the Black Sport Band. That is as much as I want to spend on this watch, $ 400. The people who won't mind paying out $17,000 for the Apple Watch Edition are those who wear, for example, Rolex and Tag Heuer.
  • Only $17,000.000? Not bad. It's $3,000.00 less than I thought. I'll be buying one for me and one for my wife. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah, it wasn't created for peasants. It was created for people like us. Let the others buy the plastic ones. Apple could charge double (and should) on ALL models just so we know who is who. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Well my job just got discounts on FitBits. I'll be getting a FitBit if I really want to track all the health stuff and allat. Plus I'm creeped out hearing how the Apple Watch is "intimate", like wtf? It's intimate alright, getting fcuked with these prices.
  • I find that it is overtly priced even for starting point Apple watch sport edition. After watching the keynote, I was not convinced of getting the Apple Watch because I felt that the presentation was messy, throwing all kinds of usage for the watch and there wasn't a strong compelling reason why I would need an Apple watch and all the stuff which I can do with my iPhone 6plus already. After spending so much on an iPhone 6plus with a great big screen, whereby with an apple watch I would need to glance on that tiny display, and leave the iPhone 6plus in a pocket, bag or on a desk? Keeping the wearable options open, still like the no watch, wrist-free feeling now. :) contented with iPhone 6plus. Sent from the iMore App
  • Every time Apple gets chance to destroy competition, they screw it up. If they just priced this watch reasonably, they would own the smartwatch market, at least for forseable future. But I think greed really gets the best of them. What a shame. A $700 for a steel and leather combination which is comparable to Moto 360 material and build costing just $250 is absolutely provocative.
  • I don't even think it's greed. Seems more like ego. All of their products are priced too high. They have the largest profit margins in the industry, by far. They just think, because they are Apple, they can put it out there at whatever price they want, and people will buy it. I think they will be wrong on that assumption with the Apple Watch. It's a niche market to begin with, and with those prices, they have narrowed it even more.
  • 38 MODELS?! Are they are out of their damn minds?! Steve Jobs would have never approved of this in a million years.
  • Def not getting one now. The Apple Watch versions I want start at $549 and go up to $749. No frikkin way am I shelling out for that!
  • It's too bad Apple will never release their sales numbers because I boldly predict they will sell not one single copy of the gold with "modern buckle" to anyone in the entire world. We are going to look back and shake our heads (hopefully not after the demise of a hubristic Apple) and mark this time as the insane period when Apple thought it was okay to charge *seven thousand dollars for a watch band.* I don't really care what other premium watchmakers charge. This is a disturbing sign that Apple is losing its way. Can't you just imagine Ive's pitch to Newsom to join the company? "Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling overpriced watch bands? Or do you want to change 1% of 1% of 1% of the world? Oh... nm. Same thing."
  • and i thought the $349 price was too high
  • $17,000 is chump change if you can afford it. It's incredibly expensive if you can't. Some folks drive a Rolls, others a Ford. Apple sells to everyone.
  • i want to know if the Black Steel Case ONLY comes with the Black Steel Link Bracelet ($1099 for this combo 42mm ).... i know ill be able to know bands afterwards if i were to get it, but id like just to get the Black Stainless Steel Case and a Black Sports band... anyone know if this will be doable instead of being forced to buy the combo apple has set???
  • Yes it looks like the black stainless steel watch only comes with the black link band. In fact it's also the only way to get the black link band which isn't available by itself. Sent from the iMore App
  • I was excited about the  Watch when it was first shown during the iPhone 6 event but now after watching the 'Spring Forward' Event I would definitely not even consider buying one of these which is sad since I usually stand behind Apple and their products but this is just ridiculous. I just looked at the Apple Store site checking out the bands and the 42mm linked bracelet is $449.00! Just for a band that is stupid. Because of this ridiculous pricing I would now consider a Pebble Steel or Time even consider jumping ship back to Android and getting a Moto360.
  • I purchased a Samsung Gear 1 and then a Gear 2 so yes, the Apple Watch 2 will be improved and better probably, but if you have the disposable income, the first generation will be the way to go. The price for the stainless steel is okay since the sapphire crystal is the deal maker for me. Those that get the aluminum version will no doubt experience scratches. Apple products have always been expensive but many haven't understood that with the iphone being subsidized by the phone companies. I'm planning on purchasing a 42 mm stainless with the black sport strap at $599.00. To be able to have GPS maps on my wrist, and use Apple Pay without pulling my phone out makes a lot of sense to me.