Here's how much every Apple Watch model is going to cost

Today Apple formally unveiled pricing for the Apple Watch, with prices starting at a relatively palatable $349 for the Apple Watch Sport. But if you were planning on getting a fancier Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition, you could be paying quite a bit. The gold Edition model, for example, can run all the way up to $17,000.

So let's break it down. Not every band is available for every watch model (the link bracelet is only an option for the stainless steel Apple Watch, for example, and the modern leather buckle can only be had on the 38mm versions), so keep that in mind.

And, of course, before you plop down a few hundred — or thousand — dollars on a new Apple Watch, you'll probably want to try one out first. Apple will be offering pre-orders and in-store previews of the watches starting April 10, with the watch going on sale on April 24.

In the meantime, here's what you're looking at for pricing of each combination of watch body and band:

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Apple Watch Sport38mm42mm
White Sport Band$349$399
Blue Sport Band$349$399
Green Sport Band$349$399
Pink Sport Band$349$399
Black Sport Band$349$399
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Apple Watch38mm42mm
White Sport Band$549$599
Black Sport Band$549$599
Black Classic Buckle$649$699
Milanese Loop$649$699
Black Leather Loop$699
Bright Blue Leather Loop$699
Stone Leather Loop$699
Light Brown Leather Loop$699
Soft Pink Modern Buckle$749
Black Modern Buckle$749
Midnight Blue Modern Buckle$749
Brown Modern Buckle$749
Link Bracelet$949$999
Black Link Bracelet$1049$1099
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Apple Watch Edition38mm42mm
18ct Rose Gold with White Sport Band$10,000$12,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Black Sport Band$10,000$12,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Black Classic Buckle$15,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Midnight Blue Classic Buckle$15,000
18ct Yellow Gold with Bright Red Modern Buckle$17,000
18ct Rose Gold with Rose Gray Modern Buckle$17,000

Source: Apple

Derek Kessler

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