BBC News

The BBC has today announced a major overhaul of both the Android and iOS News apps will be rolled out at some point this week. The broadcaster will offer a more personalized news experience for readers, allowing them to select from a choice of specialized feeds, which include apps, technology, genetics and even Taylor Swift.

Robin Pembrooke, general manager of news products at BBC Future Media, commented on today's announcement and shared some of the upcoming changes:

"But we also know that a number of users express frustration at things they can't do - there's no local news, it's not the full range of stories, and there's little ability to personalise. It will be a big change for a number of people, so we are trying to provide a warning up front. We've got easy guides on how to use the new app, and there's in-app tips to help people use it."

New personaliztion features will include:

  • Most Read - the most clicked text articles on the BBC News website
  • Most Watched - the most clicked video and audio clips
  • Most Popular - contents from the two previous menus collected together for the tablet version of the app
  • My News - a feed of articles collated from the various topics a person has chosen to follow
  • Individual topics - stories relating to a specific user-selected theme

All the above will be made possible thanks to a new tagging system, which will be handled by content authors. As well as rolling out the new app updates, the BBC will also roll out major improvements to the main BBC News website.

Source: BBC