Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 vs. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Stand: Which should you buy?

Belkin Versus Mophie
Belkin Versus Mophie (Image credit: iMore)

You can see right away the Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 charger and the mophie 3-in-1 charging stand are similar in function and appearance. They can both serve to charge three devices in a convenient, upright position that allows you to see and use your devices as they charge. Both will serve to reduce the clutter of different adapters and charging cables that usually litter your desk or nightstand. The major difference here is that one device has a built-in MagSafe charging connection, and the other doesn't. We'll lay out how that affects utility and price.

Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 vs. mophie 3-in-1 wireless stand: Key differences

When it comes to charging power and design, these two products are similar. In one way or another, both provide fast charging for any 12-series iPhone at 15W, and they can both charge an Apple Watch and Apple AirPods at the same time. You will need to buy an Apple MagSafe Charger to charge your iPhone 12 with the mophie unit, however, and therein lies the major difference. As for the other specs, you can see that most of them are similar:

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Header Cell - Column 0 Belkinmophie
Dimensions5.45 in x 5.38 in x 6.49 in3.96 in x 7.89 in x 5.60 in
Weight18.73 oz14.08 oz
Power output (iPhone)15W15W (through MagSafe Charger)
Power output (Apple Watch)5W5W
Power output (AirPods)5W5W
MagSafeBuilt-inRequires MagSafe Charger
Nightstand modeNoYes
Power adapter included?YesYes, but not for MagSafe Charger

These two products work differently in some ways, but they are very similar in other ways. The Belkin design is more streamlined, with built-in MagSafe charging that requires no assembly or extraneous accessories. It comes with a big 40W wall adapter that may arguably charge the iPhone 12 a tad bit faster than the standard MagSafe Charger. This large adapter does lend the ability to charge three devices at once without any loss of power or speed.

The iPhone and the Apple Watch will be held upright as they charge for easy visibility and usage. The iPhone can be charged in both vertical and landscape mode, while the watch must be charged vertically.

Belkin Magsafe Charger Versus Mophie Charger

Belkin Magsafe Charger Versus Mophie Charger (Image credit: iMore)

The mophie wireless stand, on the other hand, does require some assembly. To charge all three units at once, you'll need to use a separate Apple MagSafe Charger. The original MagSafe Charger can be installed into the mophie stand to create a MagSafe charging mount for any 12-series iPhone. Like the Belkin, this stand works to charge iPhones in both vertical and landscape orientations.

Another big difference is that the Apple Watch charges in landscape mode on the mophie stand, making it compatible with the Apple Watch nightstand mode, which effectively turns the Apple Watch into a nighttime alarm clock. This is one advantage that the Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger does not offer.

Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 vs. mophie 3-in-1 wireless stand: Sheer power

Mophie3in1charger Vs Belkin3in1charger

Mophie3in1charger Vs Belkin3in1charger (Image credit: iMore)

There is very little difference between the Belkin 3-in-1 and the mophie 3-in-1 charging stand when it comes to charging power. Whether through the built-in MagSafe charger on the Belkin or the Apple MagSafe Charger on the mophie, both will charge the iPhone 12 at a full 15W. Some users say that the Belkin unit charges slightly faster because of the 40W wall adapter that it comes with, but not by much.

On both of these units, the Apple Watch charger and the wireless AirPods charging pad charge at 5W, the industry standard for these products. They also both incorporate an AirPods light that will light up white when the AirPods are charging correctly or glow red if the AirPods are not properly aligned. This helps to solve the ever-present alignment problems that come with wireless charging pads.

Overall, no matter which product you choose, the charging experience and power capacity are about the same.

Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 vs. mophie 3-in-1 wireless stand: Convenience versus affordability

Here's the rub; the Belkin 3-in-1 charger may seem like the convenient choice, but it is way more expensive. The price difference may be the kicker that influences your decision here, especially if you're shopping on a tight budget. This may also depend on whether or not you already have a MagSafe Charger.

Let's say you do have an Apple MagSafe Charger at home; if that's the case, then the mophie 3-in-1 wireless stand will run you a full $70 cheaper than the Belkin. That's a lot to pay for convenience. If you have to buy the MagSafe Charger to install into the mophie stand, then you will still be paying at least $30 less for the mophie unit than you will pay for the Belkin. In this case, price could play a big part in your decision.

Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 vs. mophie 3-in-1 wireless stand: Which should you buy?

Belkin Charger Versus Mophie Charger

Belkin Charger Versus Mophie Charger (Image credit: iMore)

At the end of the day, choosing between the Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO and the mophie 3-in-1 wireless stand comes down to convenience versus affordability. If you already have the Apple MagSafe Charger, you can save a lot of money by simply installing it into the mophie stand and using it to mount and charge your iPhone alongside the Apple Watch and AirPods.

On the other hand, if you don't have the MagSafe Charger available to install into the mophie stand, it might be worth it to spend the extra $30 and get an all-in-one Belkin unit. The Belkin charger comes in one convenient piece that will charge your iPhone 12 right out of the box; no installation or accessories required.

However, it does not charge the Apple Watch in landscape orientation, so this is something to consider if you like to use your Apple Watch in nightstand mode. Either way, both of these ultra-useful products will charge all three of your devices quickly and easily, all while mounting your iPhone in a convenient upright position.

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