Bell is a long-standing Canadian company which offers wireless, fiber internet, and television service nationwide.

It was founded in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell, and the current CEO is George Cope. Bell operates on the 700 MHz, 1700 Mhz, 2100 MHz, and 2600 MHz wireless bands for 4G LTE. For 3G HSPA+, Bell operates on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Bell currently has a tower-sharing agreement with TELUS. Bell will be shutting down their legacy CDMA network in January 2017. They've been supporting the iPhone since 2009, and currently offer a wide range of iOS devices. In addition to a self-serve app for monitoring voice and data useage, Bell offers iOS access to streaming, on-demand TV, and remote control for PVR.

Bell owns a subsidiary brand, Virgin Mobile, and major broadcast outlets such as CTV and Astral Media radio stations. Bell also shares a majority stake in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment alongside Rogers, which includes sports teams such as the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs.

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