What you need to know

  • Bellroy unveils new Premium Collection of some of its most popular items.
  • The new collection includes the Classic Backpack Premium, Tokyo Tote Premium and Sling Premium.
  • Each adds slick new leather accents and new colors with Black Sand and Desert.

Bellroy already makes some truly outstanding bags with an inordinate amount of details that gives a unique quality about them. Those bags are getting even better as part of its new Premium Collection that adds a hint of opulence to the already terrific design.

The three bags in the new Premium Collection are the Classic Backpack Premium, Tokyo Tote Premium and Sling Premium. They all retain the same design that made them so popular in the first place, including the stylish leather accents, contrasting internals and highlight stitching.

As far as features are concerned, the Sling can still expand to fit more storage, the Tote continues the unique pocketing system and the Classic offers the stalwart backpack design with multi-pockets that are quite useful.

The main new element of the new collection are two new colors—Black Sand and Desert—and new leather finishes. Each bag has bigger leather accents that covers bigger parts of the front sides.

Bellroy's new Premium Collection is now available. The Classic Backpack Premium is retailing for $229, the Tokyo Tote Premium is retailing for $199 and the Sling Premium is retailing for $159.

A leather twist

Bellroy Classic Backpack Premium

A classic design with a leather twist

Part of Bellroy's new Premium collection, the Classic Backpack Premium is an old standby in a new skin. You'll get the same classic backpack design with the main pocket and two smaller zipper pockets to store iteams discreetly, and the new leather accents that look amazing.

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