Best 10.2-inch iPad Accessories iMore 2020

The 7th generation iPad is bigger, better, and faster than previous models, so you'll need the right accessories to capitalize on its capabilities. There are far more possibilities than the same old cases and headphones. The 10.2-inch iPad can be used as a laptop replacement, a design tool, a wireless gaming device, or a handsfree display for your favorite Netflix series. Here are some ideas on how to enhance your iPad 7 experience with the best 10.2-inch iPad accessories.

Laptop replacement: Smart Keyboard

Staff Pick

The Smart Keyboard is a full-size keyboard that works seamlessly with the 10.2-inch iPad using the smart connector mechanism. There is no need to pair or charge the keyboard since the smart connector does both simultaneously through the iPad. It also folds over to protect the screen of the iPad when not in use.

Creative drawing power: Apple Pencil

This nifty writing utensil will help you to bring all your ideas into digital fruition. For sketching, doodling, editing, and marking up, the Apple Pencil is both precise and liberating.

Classic, simple cover: Leather Smart Cover

The original iPad cover, the Smart Cover is Apple's simple answer to screen protection. The magnetic cover snaps into place, automatically waking the device when it opens and putting it into sleep mode when it closes. The Smart Cover also doubles as a quick iPad stand to prop up the device.

All-around protection: Supveco Premium Shockproof Case

Like the Apple Smart Cover, this affordable case by Supveco has a magnetic screen cover and automatic sleep/wake functionality. The major difference is that this version provides heavy-duty protection for the iPad's back and the screen. Its shockproof design will protect the device from falls of up to five feet. The Supvco case also has an Apple Pencil holder built-in, so it's pretty useful all around.

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For gamers: SteelSeries Nimbus Gaming Controller

With a classic design and quality construction, the SteelSeries wireless controller provides up to 80 hours of nonstop gaming on a single battery charge. The compact, balanced controller feels comfortable in your hands, and its Bluetooth technology allows you to play anywhere without the hindrance of wire connections.

Long-range control: Satechi Multi-Media Remote Control

Increase the versatility of your 10.2-inch iPad with this handy remote control. Whether the kids are watching movies in the back seat or you're working from across the room, this remote will add convenience to streaming or playback activities. You can also use it to activate Siri or take photos without touching the iPad!

Staff Favorites

Each of these best 10.2-inch iPad accessories can be incredibly useful, depending on your needs and lifestyle. If you are looking to accessorize, our favorite is the Smart Keyboard, which instantly gives the iPad the feel and functionality of a mini laptop. Just clap it on and start typing! For work, note-taking, blogging, or any other typing tasks, the Smart Keyboard is comfortable, fast, and convenient. It never has to be paired or charged, and it doubles as a screen protector when folded. All-in-all, it's a versatile and handy accessory for your 10.2-inch iPad 7.

Of course, artists and designers couldn't live without the Apple Pencil either. Creating vector doodles and graphics couldn't be easier! Also, if you are ever worried about keeping your iPad safe, you can always add a case. If you're rough on your devices, you should probably consider the Supveco Shockproof Case as well. There's no end to the different uses and functionalities that are possible with a 7th generation iPad, especially when you have the gear to make it happen.

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