Best Accessories for 11-inch iPad Pro iMore 2022

Looking for the perfect accessory for your 11-inch iPad Pro? Then look no further! From Apple Pencils to keyboards, and everything in between, this list has you covered. Here are the best accessories you can buy for 11-inch iPad Pro!

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Light Blue

Your music, your way: Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Staff favorite

Featuring Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode, the Beats Solo Pro offers a fully immersive sound experience. Available in multiple colors, the headphones can deliver up to 22 hours of battery life between charges.

$300 at Apple
Powerbeats Red

Go (mostly) wireless: Beats Powerbeats 4

Apple is referring to its Powerbeats3 replacement as Powerbeats, and these new high-performance earphones are more powerful than they've ever been. The earphones are powered by Apple's H1 chip, which will make connecting to the iPad Pro super seamless.

$150 at Apple

The Apple Pencil: Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

If you're looking for a perfect partner for your new 11-inch iPad Pro, then you might want to take a peek at the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation). The Apple Pencil has an intuitive touch surface that supports double-tapping and a magnetic, flat edge that attaches for automatic charging and pairing.

$130 at Apple
Pioneer Rayz Pro

Noise-cancelling earbuds: Pioneer Rayz Pro Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

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With adaptive noise canceling, the Rayz adjusts the sound based on the environment around you. The Lightning-powered device comes with a USB-C adapter, so you can also use it with your iPhone.

$99 at Amazon

Carry your iPad Pro in style: Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase

Want a case that'll keep your iPad Pro protected while still providing ample space for other accessories? Then peep this Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase. The Waterfield iPad Pro Sleevecase is a thin, soft leather case with a handle that'll keep your iPad safe from dust, dirt, and the perils of the outside world. While it's isn't particularly rugged, it's simple design makes carrying your iPad a breeze.

$69 at Waterfield
Apple Smart Folio Case Ipad Pro

Smart and safe: Smart Folio

Sometimes the only thing you need for your iPad is a folio, so check out the Apple's Smart Folio. This folio offers protection for both the front and back of your iPad and comes in Cactus, Surf Blue, Pink Sand, Black, and White color options. Apple's Smart Folio has been redesigned to perfectly fit the 2020 iPad Pro's new camera layout, but if you don't mind the extra space, you can also use it on your 1st Gen 2018 model.

$80 at Apple

Type it out in style: Logitech Keys-To-Go Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech Keys-To-Go Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is an ultra-thin, lightweight, and super adorable keyboard that'll have you typing up a storm on your iPad Pro. This little accessory promises quiet typing, a smooth, soft keyboard feel, and a 3-month battery life, so you won't have to worry about charging it at the end of every day.

$70 at Logitech

Versatile and functional: Compass Pro

Looking for an iPad Pro stand that'll work both vertically and horizontally while still looking sharp and minimalistic? Then you have to check out the Compass Pro. This affordable stand has soft silicone padding on its feet, so your iPad won't slide off the table. The Compass Pro can be folded flat, so you can pop it in a case and take it on the go.

$60 at Amazon
Apple Smart Keybard Ipad Pro

The perfect companion: Smart Keyboard Folio

The official folio for the iPad Pro isn't for everyone, but it's the official one nonetheless. Featuring a full-size keyboard, this product requires zero charging or pairing; just attach the keyboard and start typing! The Keyboard Smart Folio from Apple was created with the new iPad Pro camera setup in mind, but will definitely work with the older model, if you're willing to overlook the extra space around your single camera.

$179 at Apple
Magic Keyboard Ipad Pro

iPad trackpad anyone?: Magic Keyboard

If you love the current Keyboard Folio, but you've always wanted a more laptop feel then look no further. Apple's Magic Keyboard features a new trackpad that'll take your productivity to the new level. There's also a USB‑C port for passthrough charging and a floating design, which will make it easy to adjust viewing and typing angles. The Magic Keyboard will be available in May and will technically work with both iPad Pro models, but will leave some space around the 1st Gen camera since it was designed to accommodate the bigger bump of the 2nd Gen.

$300 at Apple
Elecjet Powerpie

So much power: ELECJET PowerPie 20000mAh Power Bank

Featuring USB-C, just like the 11-inch iPad Pro, the ELECJET PowerPie offers 30W PD fast charging that takes just 2 1/2 hours to complete. Up to 37 percent of the charge is completed in less than 30 minutes.

$60 at Amazon
AirPods Pro

Truly magical: Apple AirPods Pro

The hottest Apple accessory of the year works really well with the 11-inch iPad Pro. Get one and enjoy your favorite music with ease.

$249 at Apple
Otterbox Symmetry Series Ipad Pro

Tough protection: Otterbox Symmetry Series 360

OtterBox is known for combining tough protection with stylish designs, and its Symmetry Series 360 iPad Pro case is proof of that. The new folio case is ultra slim and versatile, allowing you to adjust your iPad Pro in multiple ways for the most comfortable typing positions and hands-free viewing. Much like the official Apple cases mentioned, the Symmetry Series 360 will also work on both iPad Pro models but will offer a more snug fit around the larger camera bump of the 2020 model.

$80 at Apple
Hyperdrive Hub

All the ports: HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub

If you're looking to replace your laptop with your iPad Pro, you're going to need all the ports you can get, and HyperDrive has got you covered with its 6-in-1 USB-C hub. The hub displays just how powerful it is by turning the iPad Pro's single USB-C port into 6 ports, including a 3.5mm Audio Jack, USB-A, SD, Micro SD, and HDMI ports. The hub will work on the iPad Pro 2020 and iPad Pro 2018.

$90 at HyperShop

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Whether you're looking for a fresh set of headphones or the brand new Apple Pencil, there are plenty of accessories to pick from that will mesh perfectly with your new iPad Pro. Because I'm a believer that work performance is always improved with music, I suggest getting your hands on the Beats Solo Pro. If you like music, but rather not carry around a full-size pair of headphones, consider the AirPods Pro.

For something much more practical for your tablet, you should consider the ELECJET PowerPie or Smart Keyboard Folio Both are powerhouses that will get the job done.

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