Best AirPlay 2 Receivers iMore 2020

AirPlay 2, Apple's wireless audio streaming technology, delivers high-quality audio to multiple sources at once, directly from the device of your choice. Whether music is playing on your HomePod in the kitchen or the receiver in your home theater, AirPlay 2 keeps it all in sync, allowing you to roam freely without missing a beat. We have gathered the best receivers around to help determine the best for your needs.

All the essentials: Denon AVR-S750H

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Denon's AVR-S750H delivers all the essentials and combines them with an affordable price, making it a great choice for building your home theater. Features include 7.2 channel surround sound, 4K video passthrough with HDR10 support, Dolby Atmos, and 6, yes 6, HDMI ports. Of course, AirPlay 2 is also along for the ride, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

Custom sound: Yamaha AVENTAGE RXA-780

The Yamaha AVENTAGE RXA-780 boasts compatibility with all of the major audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, giving you exceptional sound for your movies, music, and games. This receiver also utilizes Reflected Sound Control technology to analyze the acoustics in your room, and the characteristics of your speakers to deliver a truly custom sound experience.

High power: Onkyo TX-NR595

If you are looking for high power output, then the TX-NR595 is well worth a look, as it can output up to 170 watts per channel. Not only is this particularly powerful for its price range, but it also incorporates advanced audio enhancement technology like Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer, which simulates sound at different heights without all of the extra hardware.

Cost effective: Denon AVR-S650H

Don't let its low price fool you; the AVR-S650H still packs a serious punch. This budget-friendly receiver not only gives you access to all that sweet AirPlay 2 goodness, but it does so with 5 built-in amplifiers that send up to 150 watts across each of its 5.2 channels.

Channels galore: Pioneer Elite VSX-LX303

The Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 creates an extensive audio experience by supporting up to 9.2 channels, turning your movie nights into a trip to the theater. In addition to AirPlay 2 support, Pioneer's receiver also plays nicely with other streaming tech, such as Chromecast, and the Google Assistant.

Amped up: Sonos Amp

The Sonos Amp is a simpler take on the classic receiver, forgoing the bevy of ports that its competitors offer. This allows the Amp to have a much cleaner, compact design, all while still delivering 125 watts of powerful sound across 2 channels.

Receive it all

AirPlay 2 offers a truly magical audio experience by keeping everything in sync across your home. For the home theater, AirPlay 2 enables you to mix and match compatible speakers and components like a receiver, allowing you to piece together surround sound that works best for you, all without wires connecting them.

If you want to cover all of the home theater basics along with the convenience of AirPlay 2 and want to do so at an affordable price, then the Denon AVR-S750H is the one for you. This capable receiver gives you access to all of the video bells and whistles, such as support for 4K HDR content, Dolby Atmos sound, and 7.2 channels of spatial audio.

Looking for a receiver that can provide a custom sound experience? Then check out the Yamaha AVENTAGE RXA-780. This flexible receiver not only analyzes your space, but it also measures the characteristics of your speakers to deliver a truly unique sound.

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